Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So I noticed people are putting up old pictures for fun! Ben and I don't really have any old ones..because we haven't even been together a year yet! But this is THE first picture ever taken of us. I was just looking on myspace at all our pictures..and I just can't believe this day happened! I can't believe what a miracle it is that we met on and he flew all the way to Vegas to meet me, and now we're married! This was the first of many hugs, and I do remember just knowing I was hugging my future (and now actual) husband! And look at how happy and cute he is! I also love this picture cuz in the corner on the top is the Phantom Ad, and that's the show we saw that night for our first date! (After going to the Shark Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, and walking the strip for 5 hours). Anyway...this is the beginning of a legacy! :)

Best Husband Award!

So I don't want to cause any competition over who's husband is the best...but mine is so SO amazing he made me SO happy last night--I cried! Good tears! Tears of joy! :) We were winding down for the night, and I was thinking "It would be so fun to play sorry in bed.." and as I walked past our bedroom into the bathroom to take a shower, I saw the sorry box sitting on our bed! It was as if Ben had read my mind! I couldn't resist...I walked up to him and just started to cry! I think the experiences in my past help me to better appreciate him and our marriage. The simple act of being so in tune with me and knowing what I love just brought me to tears! He's the best husband! I'll probably brag about him constantly...I just love him! He takes the dog out in the morning so I don't have to, makes me dinner, and can't wait for me to get home at night! He's the love of my life and my best friend! We're pretty evenly matched when it comes to the game of SORRY as well! We each won a round last night then called it good! :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lots of pictures!!!

I finally got blogger to upload my pictures fast! So here are some random fun pictures!!! 

Our display of pictures at the entrance
Our guestbook display
My new parents! They've always been Ben's parents...haha
going back to get our stuff!

My beautiful sisters!
Me with my parentals
My dad loved my boquet! haha
We had to get a diet coke because we were 
We're leaving the temple married!
Kissing married!
On our way to the temple!
Our moms!
This was our goodbye token!
Inside our getaway limo!

Friday, April 25, 2008


I've been bitten by the Marriage Tag

what is his name? Benjamin Tyrrel
how long have you been married? two weeks tomorrow! 
how long did we date? 8 months
how old is he? 26 
who eats more? him
who said i love you first? He did. on our second day together! And I said it right after cuz we knew at the exact same moment...sigh...
who is taller? He is
who sings better? that's a tough one. He has more training, but I've got style haha
who pays the bills? ME ME ME
who is smarter? we're smart in different ways :) He is smart when it comes to CAlifornia! :) and other stuff of course
whose temper is worse? mine. he has a good controlled temper. but neither of us have ever lost our temper with each other 
who does dishes? Me mostly
who does laundry? Me
who mows the lawn? Don't have one.
who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me :) I think girls like to sleep furthest away from the door...we feel protected
who cooks dinner?we both do. he's a way better cook!
who drives when we are together? Ben..from day one
who kissed who first? well..I instigated it..but it was mutual sorta. I said "Yay I think we should kiss now! and he said OK!"
who asked who out first? He asked me out I guess...he travelled to see me first
who proposed? He did! At Disneyland!
who is more stubborn? HIM. He's bad
who is the first to admit their wrong? dunno yet. too early in the game!
whose parents do we see most? so far his...they live close.
who has more friends? Me. I'm a social butterfly!
who has more siblings? me, I have 3 he has 2
who is more sensitive? Me.
who wears the pants? we each share a leg :)

K now I tag Beth, Ashley, and Chandi!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More More More!

Here are some more fun pictures from our FUN honeymoon! I can't believe how long blogger takes sometimes to upload pictures! But are some more fun ones!

This was on a particularly wave-strong day...but isn't that a cool shot Ben captured?
Pina Coladas are my FAVORITE!!!
This is when we were snorkeling at the Turtle Farm in the man made lagoon! WHOO HOO!!!

We really had a fun vacation. It was much needed after a stressful engagment! :) As soon as I get more wedding pictures I'll put them up as well!  It was such a beautiful day.
As for now we are both back to work, and it's hard to not see each other every waking moment of every da! I miss Ben a lot while I'm at work. But my job is REALLY quite nice. The docs are really cool and nice, and the office is super neat. And my hours ROCK. I get 2 1/2 hours for lunch cuz they close the office and re-open from 3:30-6:30! It's way cool. And they're closed Tuesdays, and half days Friday! So I have a lot of time to play with Lady. She keeps us on our toes! Already we've lost a pair of favorite shoes EACH. So Ben's out and so am I! But we still love her and she's like a baby to us! We are having fun finding a routine for life and working out our new schedules. Being married is AMAZING, and I love seeing Ben every night and not having to say goodbye! He's SUCH a good husband! In fact I'll post all the pictures of things he surprised me with last night. He's a go-to guy, and I'm so proud of him everyday! I'm more and more in love with him as each HOUR passes, and so thankful he's my eternal husband. He'll be a great dad,  I can already tell! :) But that's another story for another day... :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well these pictures will have to come in some installments! Hope everyone enjoys our trip through pictures!
In our limo after the wedding
Mad because our flight the next morning was CANCELLED and we had to spend a night in Houston!!!
The first time we saw the beach...oh wow. It was SO pretty! This is the pool to the left and the umbrellas we sat under on the sand. 
This is when we arrived in HELL. Check out the burned fire and brimstone...scary!
The courtyard behind us at our hotel. Where all the little turtles swim:)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hey! We wanted to have a quick update for our 10 minutes on the computer here in the Grand Cayman!!! We are having SO much fun! The food is good, the water is blue and clear, we are SO happy to be married!!! Our room is SO nice, the bedding is AMAZING, and we have gotten to play with turtles! Pictures come later! Our wedding was beautiful! Thanks to all who came! Love ya!

Ben and Kirsten

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


SO I had to post a blog to be grateful for a huge blessing that came our way today! I have been on a job hunt for...5 weeks now. Ever since I moved to Orange County! I have probably sent out nearly 100 resumes (no exaggeration) had about 10 interviews, and REALLY wanted about 2-3 jobs. Everytime I got a response on my resume, I was told I was one of 300 or so applicants and they wanted to interview me. So thank goodness my resume was impressive! Well yesterday I went to an interview in Corona Del Mar, which is right by the beach! It was a chiropractic office that also does deep tissue massages and stuff. They have been in business for 8 years now, and the doctors are SO very nice. So I enjoyed a "group" interview where four of us were there at the same time, and we had to prove ourselves worthy of this job basically! After an hour we were given an opportunity to go in back and discuss things for about a minute--what pay I wanted and such. So I totally went for it and told them I REALLY wanted this job. It matched me so SO well, and was just what I was looking for! I said "If you wanna call me Saturday, you can give me a wedding present and tell me I have the job!" hahaha...they thought that was pretty funny.  As I was leaving I realized there were a few more people waiting to interview! Sheesh! How many people were there wanting this job??? I had a good feeling about it after I left and texted all my friends and family to pray for me to get the job! It has GREAT pay with bonuses, and it's in a wonderful location! 
   Well as you can probably guess, I got offered the job TODAY! The very next day! The main doctor called and said "Well I figured I could give you an EARLY wedding present and tell you I'm VERY interested in offering you this job! When can you start?" So of course I'm starting the Monday after our honeymoon! I couldn't be happier or feel more blessed. Ben was right when he said it'd take a good month or so to get a job! So now we have no more worries (for now) and we can enjoy our wedding and honeymoon, knowing we BOTH have jobs to come home to! 
   It really strengthened my testimony of prayer and truly relying on the Lord to grant us our deepest desires. I knew with every job I DIDN'T get, the Lord was just guiding me closer to the job I REALLY needed. So thank you to all of you who prayed for me! Never underestimate the power of prayer!!!

Wedding invitation!


p.s Ben designed this invite. Props to him!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


A- Attached or Single?- Attached at the hip!

B- Best Friend? - Ben is my best friend, Wes was my longest friend that I was closest to, Lauren is my best girlfriend, and my mom is my all time sisterly best friend

C- Cake or Pie?- Cake most of the time! White cake..mmm

D-Day of choice?- Saturday. Nothing the next day except church, and I get to sleep in and play with Ben ALL DAY!

E- Essential item?- My purse--it has EVERYTHING in it.

F- Favorite color?- Purple

G- Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears cuz the fact that they are called "worms" freaks me out!

H-Hometown?- I was born in Cedar City, UT--lived in Las Vegas for 9 years, then St George for 10-11!

I- Indulgence(s)?- Chocolate, bubble baths, being with Ben, going to the beach, buying perfume, sleepin in!

J- January or July? - July, it's closer to my birthday! And the 4th of July is a GREAT holiday!

K-Kids?- Not yet! Let's get past the wedding first eh?

L- Life is incomplete without?- Ben, my family, laughing, chocolate, love, the gospel.

M- Marriage date?- April 12 2008!!!!

Number of siblings?- 3 sisters Ashlee is 17, Desi is 13, Tasha is 10. or did she just turn 11? I think 11. And then my sisters in law will be Breanna 17, and Miranda 23

O- Oranges or apples?- Oranges cuz I live in SoCal!!! Home grown baby!

P- Phobias or fears?- snakes, spiders, the dark!

Q- Quotes?- "Life is like a box of chocolates...haha jk. Um... Live for today, dream for tomorrow

R- Reasons to smile?- I'm getting married in 3 1/2 days, I am SO in love, I live in California, I have a family who loves me, and I'm getting married in the TEMPLE!

S-Season? - Spring, it's pretty, cherry blossoms, and it's NOW. And I'm getting married!

T-Tag 5 people?-
Chandi, Kara, Mikki, Jenna, Malorie

U- Unknown fact?- I was taken by aliens when I was 6. Just kidding. I have no secrets! haha

V- Very Favorite store?- Maurices. I agree Ashley! I find all my fave clothes there!

W- Worst Habit?- I interrupt people and get too excited to wait for them to finish sometimes!

X- X-ray or ultrasound?- I've never had an ultrasound...but I want one cuz it'll mean I'm preggers! haha

Y-Your favorite food?- chocolate...or fettucini alfredo from pasta factory, and CAFE RIO!

Z- Zodiac?- GEMINI!!!

Thanks Ash!

Phase 10 anyone?

Ok so this is REALLY funny. Ben and I have played Phase 10 about 4-5 times now. And it never fails, I ALWAYS win! I always get all the wilds, and he gets smoked, sometimes two phases behind! He gets SO ornery! hahaha...I had to capture some pictures of him in a bad mood, cuz he's NEVER in a bad mood! Sorry honey, but these are too funny to pass up!

He's SO irritated that I'm capturing these moments!!!
This is actually how I hold my cards. I'm a lefty, and never learned how to hold them so I could see them they are all in a wad.
Right here he's saying "STOP TAKING PICTURES!" and I find it hilarious!
And this is about the time he stole the camera from me.....

He loves me, he just doesn't like to lose at cards to me! he he he! We're getting married in FOUR DAYS!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I got tagged by Kara!

Tag I'm it!

5 Things On My To Do List:
1. Pack for my wedding/honeymoon
2. Move Ben's Stuff over
3. Finish making wedding video
4. Get a pedicure
5. Make Dinner

5 Jobs I've had:
1. Zions Bank
2. Westates Movie Theaters
3. Opera Pacific
4. Red Lobster
5. The Spectrum: accounting clerk/carrier

Places I've Lived:
1. Costa Mesa, CA
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. Cedar City, UT
4. St. George, UT
5. One Month in Michigan

Favorite Snacks:

1. Cheese Nips
2. Chocolate
3. Wheat thinks and diet coke
4. Juice it up smoothie
5. Watermelon

Things I Would Do if I Were A Billionaire

1. Buy houses in Cali and Utah
2. give my family and friends money
3. Get out of debt--duh
4. Travel
5. Start a Family

5 Things you Don't Know About Me

1. I have moved 16 times, 9 in the past 4 years
2. I had head lice when I was 5
3. I have kissed 30 some odd boys
4. I am WAY emotional on birth control...I cry during commercials, listening to the radio, just thinking to myself...It's impossible.
5. I have a birth mark on my inner thigh.

I now tag: Chandi, Hayley, and Ashley!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

More pretty pictures!

I'm just adding these a little at a time cuz it's taking my computer FOREVER to upload them, and then I forget I'm even doing it and leave it here's two of my favorites!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This is me being really happy that I have a great fiance! haha actually if you could only see my whole self...I embarassed Ben today so bad! I am wearing hawaiian capris, white fuzzy socks and I threw HIS black shoes on so I could go down to check the mail with him! He wouldn't walk next to me...he told me I look retarted! Which I do...I was laughing SO hard trying to catch up to him. He reluctantly kissed me goodbye on his way back to work. Hahaha...I love him!
And last but definitely not least...these are the flowers Ben had at the apartment the day I moved in! They are on their 4th week so they are almost ALL dead...but this little fella wanted it's picture taken! He's so thoughtful to have my favorite flowers waiting for me! He'll be a very thoughtful husband!!!


Well we finally have the internet at home! So here are some pictures from our LATEST trip to Disney. We weren't able to go for 2 weeks because of blackout dates..but finally on Monday we went back! We rode the roller coaster twice, the small coaster in California Adventure, got a free tortilla...MMM...then went to Disneyland and rode Peter Pan, Toontown rollercoaster, and Roger Rabbit! It was a kiddy ride day cuz  I was still getting over my cold..cough cough! I love seeing Ben EVERYDAY and getting to be his best friend. I know being his wife will be SO great.

That little stinker snuck in a goofy face! He makes me laugh EVERYDAY!
K this van was advertising "Milkin Mama's" so people who can't nurse can by breast milk...which I suppose is sorta cool since it's better for babies than formula! But weird at the same time..!!!
Ben becomes more of a ham everday.  I think I've done this to him...but it's all good! I love it!
This is us waiting for the kiddy roller coaster at Cal's comparable to the Wild Mouse at¿
And of course I had to end with this one...we're a match made somewhere...and this proves someone up there has a sense of humor.