Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Parker Benjamin

I don't know how it happened so fast, but my little baby boy turned one in October! I looked at him today and realized how much of his baby life I have not blogged about and how behind I am. I love that I can look back on my old blog posts about Connor if I can't remember when he hit a certain phase or how he acted at a certain age. With Parker I haven't really done that! So I'll do my best to remember all the significant things about Parker that make him so loveable and perfect!

He's the most MELLOW child in the world. He can throw his tantrums like the rest of em, but in most cases he will be content to sit and play with toys in his room or in any area of the house for HOURS. Ok maybe an hour tops. But if Connor's playing with him and not abusing him in any way he can go for over an hour just pushing cars and other toys around, exploring and enjoying himself! He is such a breath of fresh air after our busy crazy Connor.  

Parker is still not walking, and only started crawling when he hit about 10 1/2 months old or so.  Honestly I could not care less. I mean I wish his clothes didn't keep getting all worn down from the crawling, but he will be a busy little body when he can walk. He LOVES to escape outside and tries to crawl all over the backyard. Not ok with 3 dogs that poop and many other dangers!  He just loves to be doing what his brother is doing! 

Parker and Connor are so different in their eating habits. Connor used to LOVE veggies, and be ok with fruit. Parker eats 2-3 bananas every day and abhors veggies. He'll only eat sweet potatoes and the rest of his veggies I still have to feed to him in puree form from the jars.  He also loves pears and can eat an entire pear before you have time to get him more food. He'll eat peaches as well and strawberries.  He likes PB&J sandwiches most of the time, and like Connor- he LOVES pasta.  They are pasta fiends and I could make it every day and they'd never get sick of it. He also loves cheese quesadillas. 

Parker has a sense of humor and will pull faces at you when you want him to.  He scrunches up his nose and makes snorting noises and shows off his 4 teeth with pride.  He is currently introducing 2 more teeth on top and they are almost all the way in.  What a beautiful and happy smile! I never thought I'd love anything more than his gummer smile but those teeth are just adorable. 

He is my little cling-on and is much more of a mommy's boy than Connor ever was.  He loves to be held and snuggled.  I'll ask him for loves and he'll lay his head on my shoulder and snuggle me.  He even started puckering up for kisses recently and gives the best kisses! He loves to be where I'm at, but if I'm out of sight he does ok without me.  He will crawl to me many times and just hang on my leg. He'll pull himself up on his knees and just pout and whine hanging on my pant leg until I pick him up.  Then he points to everything around him and says "That!" or "This!".  He's actually got an impressive vocabulary and it seems it grew overnight. He says mommy and daddy, this, that, baby, eat, nap and hi. There may be more but that's all I can think of. He also does his sign language well but seems to only be able to retain one sign at a time. For a while he would sign "milk" for anytime he wanted food or drink. Then he started signing "cereal" and stopped doing milk.  Now he signs banana and that basically applies to all eating, but on occasion he'll do the sign for "eat".  He's so smart and observant. I know he understands a lot more than he is ready to communicate to us and I love watching him learn.  He is so easy and lets me actually read to him. Connor always had better things to do and still can't sit still through a whole book. Parker becomes enthralled and loves to be read to. 

He is a great sleeper and even greater when he's not teething at all.  He sleeps at least 12 hours at night- 7 p.m, til 8 a.m. lately. And he takes a decent morning nap and a not so long afternoon nap.  But he's so content that it really isn't bothersome to have him awake most of the day.  

I can't believe my angel is ONE! Those baby blues melt hearts all over and we are so proud to call him our little Pee-Kee!