Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Connor is a toddler...

He has definitely grown and changed by leaps and bounds lately. I don't know when it happened but suddenly my baby is a big boy, and he's learning more about life everyday. He copies EVERYTHING we do and makes us all laugh constantly! He says tons of words, and even when they aren't words coming out of his mouth he's in a never ending state of gabbing. He will talk your ear off and point at nothing as he talks. He has definitely shown us that he's a boy through and through...he loves cars, 4-wheelers, bikes, and loves to make the vroom sound. He loves to growl at me and throws really awesome fits. There are some days I have to ask everyone to just take care of him more for me cuz I know I don't have the patience, but most days I have really learned how to move with his groove. I am getting more patient with his tantrums and am really grateful he knows sign language and how to say so many words, because it saves a lot of frustration on both of our parts. He is a little angel and loves to give sweet love hugs and full on smooches. He puckers up and says "Muah!" when he kisses us. He is about ready for potty training, he tells us when he's about to poop, or has just pooped, and thinks it's cool to sit on his little potty. I love hearing him say "POOP!" He has a really hilarious personality, and everyone who meets him just loves him. I say often that I hope our next little boy is more mellow...and I do...but I love my little spitfire son who never EVER holds still unless he's sleeping (and even then...) I complain that he won't even sit through a ten minute episode of Rugrats (love Netflix!) But I'm really so glad he's not a couch potato.

He's a healthy little eater and LOVES fruits and veggies. He really doesn't like fast food which is least I'm not passing my bad habits to him. I'm trying to eat more like him actually.

He blinks his eyes at us when we do it to him, he waves, does a fake sad face, and all sorts of funny faces.

He is pretty obsessed with his little boy junk and sticks his hand down there whenever he gets a chance! He runs around butt naked before and after his bath and acts like a little exhibitionist. He is in LOVE with the vacuum. He used to be terrified of it and now anytime my parent's door is open he RUNS in there as fast as he can to play with it. He calls it the "Ahhhh" cuz he imitates the sound it makes. He's still infatuated with anything that has a cord and drags stuff around all day. He can say "duck" cuz my mom has a little duck toy that he likes to push around. He also plays with a toy that has been around since I was his age, we call it a popcorn popper. It's one of those toys you push and the balls all pop inside the round bubble thing and pop like popcorn sound. He drags that and the duck stick thing all over the house over and over. He likes to walk like a big boy and swing his arm, and takes really big steps when he's acting big and cool. Loves the keys, likes to go for rides, loves ice cream cones, plays tag with the dogs, and is downright BUSY day in and day out! I never knew a little boy could have so much energy and get into SO MUCH. My mom swears her daughters were never this busy...and I hear that a lot from other mom's with girls. Makes me a little nervous to have two boys...but I know they'll have so much fun together!

Here are some pics of Connor from Sunday. He looked so handsome I just had to snap a ton of pics. Can't believe he's so old!

Connor LOVES to smell the flowers. He smells them when they are real, fake, in a book, a painting WHATEVER. It cracks me up when I see him sniffing and then see what he thinks is a real flower. SO fun. Until the next gigantic Connor post...have a great day!