Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vera goes Wicked!!!

So this is what happens when you are poor on a Friday night...

Friday, January 30, 2009

That sounds about right...

You Belong in 1983

Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year, New Adventures!

We have been sorta out of the blogging loop lately. We did our Bahamas post and a silly vlog, but it occurred to me that we haven't really updated anyone on what Ben and I are DOING right now. There's not much to tell really! As of now we are living in St. George with my parents, and though it's been an adjustment we are grateful to not be homeless! :-) We have our own room with our bed that we are used to so we are content. We have been looking for jobs for two months now, to no avail. The past week and for another week we have been house sitting for my grandma Irene while she and her husband Jack enjoy a vacation in Australia! It has been REALLY nice to have some alone time again, and we've really grown closer together as a couple. We are having fun dog sitting their dogs peaches (the big cocker spaniel who I love cuz her face reminds me of Lady) and Gidget. Figaro has been enjoying life in the big backyard... Here's a cute picture of the boy and girls...

You may all THINK that being unemployed would be a LONG vacation...but it's actually quite stressful in it's own regard. While yes we enjoy watching TV, reading books, taking naps and exercising more, we are constantly making plans and changing them, waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen. It's hard and we have really tried to have as much faith as possible to get through this trial. One thing I am especially grateful for is that we have such a strong marriage. Having been through a marriage before that was AWFUL, I can fully appreciate the good man that I now have. Ben takes such good care of me, cooks for me, cleans up after me and tickles my back every day and night. He's my rock and I know that no matter where life takes us, as long as we're together we'll be JUST FINE. My heart has filled with so much love for him lately, and I can't imagine how hard it is for him to put on a brave face when he has so much pressure to provide and care for our little family of two.

One promising option we have recently discovered is going back to school. It was always a thought and a possibility, but since being here in Cedar we have looked closer into the programs that interest us and we feel REALLY good about it so far! SUU has a Masters in Arts Administration that would be IDEAL for Ben. It's a terminal degree meaning it's as high as he could possibly go in the field. No Doctorate is available ANYWHERE so it'd be a really strong selling point on his resume. And I found a Bachelors in Finance degree that I REALLY like. We could graduate together in about 2 1/2 years since we can't start till the fall. I think it'd make us stronger as individuals and as a couple to complete our education and be prepared for the things that can happen in this life. If the economy ever happens to fall this way again, we will be ready!

Today we enjoyed going to a young married college ward and I felt even more that this is somewhere we should be. It's funny that I dropped out of classes here at SUU and left my 2 bedroom apartment to move to California, and we'll probably end up here again ANYWAY! Life is SO unpredictable. But that's the beauty of it I guess! Plan to be surprised... :)

Today after church we took some pictures of Ben for his head shots for his application. I had to include the funny ones as well as my favorite handsome one. I LOVE my husband's blue eyes. They still take my breath away sometimes. Enjoy!!!

We had a fun and simple new years eve with my family. We had an AMAZING steak dinner with Costco steaks and lots of yummy food. We went to my Aunt Michelle's house for the final countdown so my cousins could set off their fireworks. Here's some pics of me with Cassidee and mine and Ben's new years kiss :)

I got to see Robyn for a couple hours after Christmas was over...and I am still so SO in love with little Lincoln! I had to include this picture of him with me, and one of Rob and I, even though we weren't THRILLED with the picture :) OH and by the way, I chopped my hair!

I had to include some pictures from when I got together with my girlfriends- Kara, Mary and Katie. It is ALWAYS so fun to get together again! Lately it only happens about once a year, but it feels like we're still in high school at moments! We used to have a LOT of funny times and I'm glad that even though it's been 7 years, we are still just as silly! I love you girls!

Anyway, that's the scoop for us as of now! Hope everyone else is enjoying the new year!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Vlog! Vera goes sledding!

Check it out, check it out! Vera's back! Hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Airline tickets anyone?

Hey everyone- Ben and I are trying to sell two airline tickets. We got them with a phone plan we signed up for a year ago, but don't really need them now that we are unemployed. They go to either Washington DC, New York, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, LA, Boston or Las Vegas. If anyone is interested we are starting the bidding at $300 for both! You can fly from MANY different cities. Just email me if you're interested at

I promise my next vlog is coming SOON!!! :-)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in the BAHAMAS!!!

Well I think I put this post off long enough! I can't use Picasa on my MAC, so I have to list them out individually, so bear with me. We had a GREAT time on the lovely island of Nassau! It was definitely a different country though, we drove on the wrong side of the road, everything cost 3X the amount it costs in the US, (i.e. a gallon of milk cost $6.29 and a gallon of Apple Juice was $8.89) Aside from the small inconveniences we experienced in our vacation rental and the HIGH cost of food and fun, we had a RELAXING and wonderful vacation!

We left behind THIS weather...

For THIS!!!


This is us with the sea shell we found in the ocean!!! Cool eh?

Me posing with the shell...

This was a secluded little island, I'm not sure why it was so empty, we were the only ones there! But nobody got mad at us for being there either! We found lots of little shells and had fun since the OTHER side of the island was SO windy! There wasn't a single breeze on this side :-)

Ben and I on Paradise Island

Ben wading through the water at that secluded island

My favorite part of the vacation, Ben planned for us to swim with the Sea Lions over on this beach where Gilligan's Island was filmed! It was sad to have it be a cloudy day cuz people pay a lot just to come to the island itself...and it was included with our adventure. The beach is SO pretty, you can't even capture it in a photo!

Ash and I on the ferry

In our wet suits to swim with the Sea Lions! NOT flattering...haha

Some cute dolphins that live's also a dolphin encounter.

Chillin on the beach...

Leaving the island on the ferry...

More of the island haha

The crew that rode in the back of the van...I got too car sick to sit back there.

Me and Pa...

All of us before our swim in the ocean!
The waves were NOT fierce like they look in this picture. It was like swimming in a big pool! With fun FUN waves...

All of us out in the ocean...the camera on a timer.
Writings in the sand...

Ben's sand turtle...he did a great job eh?

Beautiful view of the island

More island views...

Look at the pink sand granules!!!This is when we almost died...ok sorta. It was REALLY quite nerve racking! These pictures are just a re-enactment, but basically we were trying to find somewhere to eat dinner and tried this place called The Green Parrot. We got to the parking lot and it was laid out sorta weird, and at one point we were facing the ocean, and I started commenting on how it would be TERRIFYING to drive into the ocean in a car...and how I'd die of fear. So we try to find the place to eat and it was SO lame, just a tent with some tables, so we left. As we were driving out of the lot a car started to back up and didn't see us. Since my dad couldn't find the horn in time he just gunned it to get out of their way, until I SCREAMED "DAD!!! STOP!!! WATER!!!" He stopped and the other car finally saw us, and we did NOT go driving into the water! The picture below shows how close we were. And keep in mind this all happened at NIGHT so the water was higher due to high tide. So...yeah. Almost died. Heavenly Father was DEFINITELY watching over us.

Now for happier pictures...don't you LOVE this beach?

I laid down to read and listen to my ipod and when I looked over this was what I could see..I hope to ALWAYS remember that beautiful view.

Ash and I while shopping at Bay StreetSERIOUSLY...this HALF mug was $8!!!

Christmas Eve in our new PJ's...cute stuff!!!

Our last day at the beach. Sad SAD! I hate HATE leaving the ocean. It's honestly my favorite of Heavenly Fathers nature and beauty. I can sit and wash the waves crash for hours...I LOVE IT.

Our swimming pool at our house. It was nice after a day at the beach to be able to jump in the pool to get the sand off! :) We had a LOT of fun with all the swimming! It didn't feel like December at ALL to us. It was weird to come home to Utah and not be able to lay out! haha..
All in all it was a really REALLY fun but VERY expensive vacation! We didn't get to jet ski due to choppy waters, but I really REALLY appreciated my sweet husband going out of his way to book the sea lion encounter. You may wonder why we chose those over dolphins and it's because sea lions are my FAVORITE sea creature! They are the doggies of the ocean! They are SO cute and smart and sweet. We got to swim with a 20 year old male named Murray! It was also more intimate since we were the only people who were doing that encounter, besides one other lady. Ben has always known I love Sea Lions and he made it special for me by giving that to me as my Christmas present! I love him! And I'm so proud of him for putting up with my family for 10 days straight!!! What a trooper...5 women and one man to bond with. Ha ha ha...

It was a unique Christmas, spending Christmas day swimming in the Carribean Sea... but I think from now on we will stay at home...there's no place like home for the holidays...right?

We did stay home for New Years...more pictures and an awesome "VLOG" to come soon! Just a hint...Vera went sledding...and she has a lot to say about it.

Glad to hear you all had a Happy Holiday!
Happy New Year to everyone!


The Tyrrels