Friday, August 26, 2011's a deep subject

Get it? Ha ha that's one of the many phrases my dad has under his belt. On his birthday we spent the whole weekend listing all the funny off kilter phrases he says. Some we have heard a million times, others only a few times. We tease him at how unoriginal he is but we really do love all the quirky comments! last post was the result of a boring bad day. The night ended better, with my nails and toenails being painted by my baby sister Tasha and my hair being done by my other sweet sister Ashlee. And if Desi had been around I'm sure she would have done something too... :) Anyway I have a great family. We went out for ice cream after that and had a good laugh at my sour mood.

SO an idea I've played around with before but have been talked into by my sweet husband....I'm going to write a book. I won't give any details now but it'll be a short and sweet funny book...factual and fun. So yay that! I have something to fill my time with....and it'll be an entertaining process I think. :-)

I'm also going to spend some more time teaching Connor. It's amazing how fast he's learning right now. I just read a book with him and he was able to say what each thing on each page was. Made me realize maybe he's ready for a little bit of mommy preschool! I used to play school with my sisters and had Ashlee reading pretty big books at age 3. So hey...why not get started with my own kiddo!? Also...we're ready to start potty training at our house. YIKES. But he's ready. Everytime we sit on the toilet he wants to pull his pants off and sit on his. And he tells us when he's pooping or yeah. Bring it on!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty Bored...

Yep that's what I am these days. I sleep in as long as I can both because I seem to always be tired, and to kill as much time as possible. Then I eat breakfast, take care of Connor's breakfast needs, sit around while he starts getting into everything and plays with all his toys, and wait for the next meal. Then lunch time comes around and it's basically the same routine....and I am getting to the point where it is just hard to get him in and out of his high chair and I have to bug someone else to do it now. My belly is just in the way. Sometimes for fun I do dishes, clean up around the house and some days my mom, Connor and I go shopping. But we really don't have any money so it's mostly just along for the ride or returning stuff I bought previously..ha ha. We seem to go to lunch quite often but even that has become mundane. Around 3 in the afternoon I find myself watching the clock wondering when something exciting will happen. I look forward to nap time whenever that happens to's never the same time everyday because he wakes up different times each day. So usually when I know napping is over, the next thing I have to look forward to is dinner and bed time when I can sit and veg and watch tv. I know this is a lame excuse for a day...and maybe some of you can either relate or are shaking your heads wondering how a person can be so lazy. But this is my life now. I spent the summer trying to stay busy, went swimming with Connor as often as I could and tried to survive the heat and Ben finishing grad school.

Well now school is forever done. Ben finished for good last week. I got my diploma in the mail the day he awesome :) It made it more real to me that I now have my Bachelor's degree, something I honestly never imagined having/doing. I'm pretty proud of that but can't help but feel like....well now what?

So I'm a mother, which I love. But sometimes it is SO boring. I even live with my family so it's not like I'm home alone all day. I even have Ben here all day. So is that maybe the problem? I am relying on everyone to entertain me and I've forgotten how to entertain myself???

I sit around thinking of the things that stress me our car problems- we just had the AC on our honda fixed. It's only been having issues for maybe 3-4 years??? Lame and it's still not all the way fixed. Still doesn't get very cold or blow very hard. But the mechanic said to totally replace it would be like $1000. Not gonna happen. Oh and then there's the big crack on the front bumper that we are waiting to repair when the insurance comes through. And the trunk that won't latch anymore and is now dented because the idiot mechanic dented it while trying to fix it...and acted like it was already there. And our jeep used to be the car with reliable cold air...and now that has gone out it seems. So we are getting rid of it before we have to pay for another stupid repair. I feel like we're going to have to give it away...but maybe someone will actually want to drive a jeep and won't mind getting a minor tune up to the AC. These are things that make the endless hours impossible to relax and enjoy.

I would love to start reading again, but don't feel like I'd ever be able to read very many pages. I don't want to expect everyone to have to take care of Connor while I have "a life" because he really is my life and I love spending time with him. But I need a purpose, or a goal or something. What do other moms do to stay sane???? My mom says it's probably worse because I am pregnant and getting antsy. This pregnancy never seems to end. I have been pregnant since January and I feel like....REALLY? I still have 2 months left?!

This is a post from a very negative nilly...I am not in the happiest of moods today. I seem to wake up every day with a head ache. I used to look forward to small things like a diet coke run with my mom. Trying to figure out who has the best ice. But my doctor has told me all I can have now is water and milk. So that excitement is out.

I guess I just need some suggestions on what I can do while we sit here day in and day out waiting to hear back from jobs that Ben has applied for. I really hope we are normal people some day who have a job and a normal routine. For now I'll just bide my time and try not to pull my hair out.

Hey tomorrow's Friday...that means my dad gets off work early and the weekend starts. Which is really no different from the weekdays...ha ha. PEACE OUT

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Overdue Summer post!

Disclaimer: This is a long post for family history enjoy the pics and read on if you want!

Finally I have enough pics for a decent post! Mostly because we finally did something out of the ordinary! We decided as a family to have a "stay-cation" of sorts since California is all booked up as far as time shares go, and WAY too expensive when you consider gas prices and hotel costs. Plus the pregnant in me just did NOT want to travel far. So....we enjoyed the splendor of Southern Utah! We were supposed to take a boat we rented out on Monday but the previous renters broke some things, so we changed our plans and went camping Monday night July 11th at Duck Creek. It was a LOT of work for a short amount of time! We always forget how much goes into camping, whether you go one night or 4. And to keep with tradition our air mattress went flat. Before we even slept in it. Before we even LAID on it! So I slept in the back seat of the honda, and Ben slept on the twin mattress that also went flat. We are cursed...what can I say? Connor slept nice and comfy and warm in his pack and play and I seriously considered crawling in there with him! He was in LOVE with the 4-wheeler which he calls a bike, because everything with wheels is called a bike. Or as he said it until today, "bite" ha ha. He wouldn't eat his dinner unless he was sitting on the 4-wheeler. And he ate so much since he was so preoccupied with pretending to ride it. Such a stud!!! He just keeps everyone busy and entertained 24-7!

We ate at Sue's Diner in Duck Creek and had some amazing burgers, fries, mashed potatoes and Connor even tried and devoured the scrambled eggs. It was rainy when we drove up but stayed clear until the next day when we were packing up to leave. We were nice and close to a bathroom, and had fun cooking dinner including dutch oven potatoes, chicken and peach cobbler. We even had a little room for S'mores later on that we enjoyed after Connor went to bed. It was a nice time out of the heat, but HONESTLY I'm not camping again unless I have a reliable bed in some sort of camper. It was horrid sleeping in a car!

The next day everyone did a little 4-wheeling and found an ice cave, but it was too cold to explore so given our exhaustion we headed home. I wondered why Connor was so quiet in the backseat...til i realized he had my makeup. I thought I got it all away from him but after another 10 minutes of silence I turned around to see this:

The pic on the left that is...

He's watched his mama do it enough times that he knows something goes on his lips, they were thoroughly glazed and powdered! :-) Love my kid....he's the best!

So after getting home and cleaning up THAT mess we went to Olive Garden to celebrate my dad's birthday which was that day! We all had a nice dinner and towards the end received a call that the boat was still not we gave up on that plan. But at home Desi found another person renting their boat and it happened to be available. So we made last minute arrangements and headed out to Sand Hollow the next morning!
It turned out to be a lot nicer of a boat and we had a blast. The wind picked up after 4 hours so we decided to head out. It took a long time to get the boat in with the big waves, and we all had a nice laugh watching my mom try to back up the boat trailer and eventually ask a stranger to help her. Ha ha...we also got sunburned just sitting out on the boat which wasn't fun but Connor had a nice nap while the boat rocked back and forth!
Before all of this Connor and everyone had fun on the tube. I rode with Connor since it was a nice slow ride, and thought I could just die of happiness watching my little boy act so brave and studly riding that tube in the lake. He felt so cool and was so excited to get a turn! LOVE him!

Even Ben rode the tube and caught some great air..ha ha.

Of course Connor wanted nothing more than to drive the boat with his grandpa. He loved sitting there with him and did a great job driving! :-)

We tried our luck a couple hours later at Gunlock and were glad we did. The water was a lot calmer and we were able to spend a lot more time tubing and swimming. It was honestly SO fun and I wish owning a boat wasn't such a money pit! The guy we rented from really liked my dad and wants to rent to us again at a cheaper rate whenever we want! I hope it's soon!
It was such a fun stay cation and we didn't get too exhausted to get back to real life. We all got along and Connor had the time of his life. Thanks mom and dad for our fun summer memories!