Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby's heartbeat

This is our baby's heartbeat from a couple weeks ago at our last appointment. I finally figured out how to upload enjoy! Just turn your head at the end with the hot belly shot of me. :-) he he

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I feel the earth MOVE!

Ok ok so maybe not the EARTH move...but I felt our baby move! I was hesitant on posting because some may be skeptic that I felt it this soon...but I don't have any doubt in my mind! I've been wondering for a few days if it was just my imagination or if it was the baby, I felt little movements that could either be gas bubbles or something new...but I could tell it was a little different than gas. I'm naturally a person who analyzes EVERYTHING that happens in my body, so I've been way in tune, waiting for it. But I didn't want to be TOO paranoid assuming everything was baby! So I waited to say anything to anyone but Ben.

Last night I was taking a bath as I love to do, reading my pregnancy book when all of a sudden I felt a very distinct little jab in my lower tummy, right about where the baby is. It was NOT gas, I know for sure! I don't think it was a kick necessarily, but I think it was some sort of movement!
Today I have been sitting at work feeling little tugs and flutters all afternoon. I looked up online what other women describe the movement to feel like, and it's right on with what I've been feeling! It's SO exciting and I'm so happy to feel the little one moving around! Makes me even more anxious to know if it's a boy or a girl so I know SOMETHING about this baby! :)

Here is what the baby should look like right amazing!Just thought I'd post for posterity reasons...and for anyone who cares to read about my little development!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday I celebrated my 24th Birthday...yay for that! I feel older this year...I liked being 23 and had a lot of fun at that age. But 24 is ok too I guess. I'm still sorta young-ish.

My day started early, with a yummy breakfast of scones and eggs with cheese! MMMM...thanks Ben! He got up early and started clanking away in the kitchen. I didn't give him a chance to serve me in bed, thanks to the fact that my bladder doesn't hold long anymore. :)

We got ready and drove to St. George dropped off Figaro first at my parent's house where he was really happy to play with his doggy friends Lady and Inka...he's been a little stressed since we moved, a bit lonely I think....My mom had presents waiting for me at home...a maternity dress, two maternity shirts, some baby stuff coupons, a bath mat with a pillow (I love my baths), a notepad that goes on the fridge,

We bought a bunch of stuff and filled our car at Costco. Then we went to Pasta Factory for my birthday lunch! It was so yummy, but I wasn't able to finish it all...and two hours later I was starving! :)

We came back to Cedar and I had to rush off to work. I only worked for 3 hours then got to come home a bit early in honor of my birth :-)

But while I was at work I had a nice surprise! My cousin Carli and her three kids, and my aunt Jill showed up with some balloons and candy for me! It made my day all the more fun. I'm so grateful I live where I'm surounded by great family! :)

When I got home, Ben had flowers for me and my presents all wrapped on the couch, YAY for that! I had fun opening them...he gave me a body pillow with a nice pillow cover, the movie Pink Panther (makes me laugh so hard), the game Chutes and Ladders (I've had a hankering to play that lately-and it was the retro edition, used to be my fave game as a kid), and a home theater system. A little TOO spoiled...but I was excited!

My Grandma Irene stopped by to bring me the mail we got in SG and gave me a nice birthday card, which was nice as well. Again, thankful for family!

Then we went to Dinner at Chinatown...and got WAY too much food.

But it was fun for leftovers! We came home for cake and ice cream and watched some stuff we had recorded on our DVR (thank heavens for Dish/DVR) and had a pretty chill night. It was a great day overall!

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes that came in throughout the day via text or phone call! Love y'all!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alone at last!

So Ben and I moved this week! We had been looking in Cedar for a LONG time and finally found a place to suit us. We had to move up sooner than when school starts because I got a JOB! I started working for Infowest on Monday, and was driving up early in the morning to be at work. I told Ben I didn't want to have to commute for longer than a week, so luckily we found our IDEAL place and moved in on Thursday!

We've got 3 bedrooms (really great sized) 2 bathrooms, a laundry room complete with washer dryer(and actual walking space), wood floors in the living room and kitchen, newer carpet in the bedrooms, doggy doors for Figaro, a BIG backyard for him to play in...which will be a work in progress due to the rocks and lack of grass at the moment...and he even has his own little dog run to play in! We also have a nice garage with lots of room for our extra stuff(as if the extra bedrooms aren't enough). After looking so long we really feel like we got the best deal for our money! A lot of places didn't have bath tubs, or dishwashers, or washer/dryers, or allow dogs. We had really specific needs and luckily this place met all of them and didn't cost a fortune to rent!

The only BAD thing is that we moved in Thursday, and that evening realized the gas wasn't on. Ben called Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. and found out we wouldn't be able to get it turned on until MONDAY! WHAT?! dishwasher heat, no washer or dryer, no stove or oven, no HOT SHOWERS. It's been really tough to want to unpack when you can't really wash anything, or yourself for that matter. We toughed out two VERY cold showers yesterday (the kind that take your breath away like 6 times before you can not SCREAM at the top of your lungs) but decided enough was enough and came to Grandma's house to take some nice hot showers. It's nice to have family close. If this had happened in California...we'd have been S.O.L.

We're looking forward to getting internet on Tuesday, as well as our GAS on Monday! And on WEDNESDAY...we'll be celebrating the 24th anniversary of my birth!!! I guess I understand what big people said to me when I was a kid...birthdays are only fun when you're little. Because I'm excited...but I'm not holding my breath for any big parties or anything! All I want is a cake and some TLC from Ben...and my day will be made!

Anyway, that's what we've been up to this week! We'll get pictures up as soon as we are all unpacked!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Here are some of our favorite pictures of Hawaii from our camera! We will get more up from my mom's shots eventually...she got some fun ones! :-)

The first day we went to the swap meet, and then to the beach which was SO fun. The second day we went to another pretty beach and then to Hanauma Bay to snorkel.

The third day we went to North Shore and went to Waimea Falls. It was SO pretty. The nature walk alone was worth the entrance fee, and then the waterfall was SO fun and refreshing! After our swim we went and got our favorite foods-burritos at Killer Taco's, and some Shaved Ice at Matsumoto's.

The fourth day we went to North Shore again and had some Giovanni's shrimp, more shaved ice and spent the day at Sunset Beach where we eventually watched the sun set.

The last day Ben and I stole the rental car and drove to Laie to see Ben's friend Kristi, eat at Hukilau Cafe, and walk around BYU-H to check out Ben's old stomping ground. We got some pictures of him inside the buildings where he spent the most time. It was so fun! I even got to meet his teacher that took him over to Hawaii in the first place. All good experiences :-)
When we got back to Waikiki we rode a bike on the water which was cool but sorta boring. I was starting to feel the effects of being in the heat, being pregnant and feeling sick. One more week till Trimester 2!

For Dinner we had some interesting experiences, we went to The Galaxy which had been SO yummy the first time we went to Hawaii, but this time was YUCK. We ended up eating at this buffet the last night, right before we flew out, and I was bummed we hadn't noticed it sooner! It had been on the corner of the street where our hotel was and we'd walked by it everyday, but I didn't know it was anything more than a bar. It turned out to be a beautiful restaurant with really great food! I want to go there again when I'm not pregnant so I can enjoy it more. All I really ate was shrimp and salad. Oh well! It was weird to eat dinner, get on a plane at night, land in LA and be ready to eat breakfast. WEIRD.

Overall it was one of the most fun trips I've been on! It was great to RETURN to Hawaii and know what we love to do. The only thing I'll do differently when I go back is to stay in North Shore, because Waikiki was LOUD and we didn't spend any time there!

Thanks mom and dad for making it such a fun trip!
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