Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ok so it's official! We are going to the Grand Cayman Islands for our honeymoon! The trip is all booked and we are SO SO SO EXCITED!!!! For those of you who don't know, Ben teaches voice lessons to a REALLY nice lady who is GIVING us a honeymoon. We could go anywhere in the world, and after months of deliberating,we decided Grand Cayman because it's new for both of us, you need a passport to go, it's BEAUTIFUL, and not too far away! So look for yourself at the pictures I found online...and you'll see why we decided to go there! I'm not gonna post too many, cuz we're gonna have our own personal pictures up here soon! We are SO very grateful we were blessed to have this FREE honeymoon valued at over 5,000 dollars! So just think of us enjoying our fun in the sun in less than 3 weeks! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

...Just a little peek!....

So this is what Ben and I did this weekend! It was a long but very fun bridal shoot with the wonderful Mikki and Brade Platt! These are not their shots YET, these are just some silly ones my mom took with her cell phone. So sneak peek for everyone coming to the wedding in AHHH!!! 18 days! I saw my countdown on our page today and got SO excited! We're glad it's finally so close! Ben looked SO handsome in his tux and pink vest/tie combo! We had so much fun with Mikki and Brade, they made the experience really eventful :) So yay for my dress, and yay for the sash that Ben spent 3 hours making the night before. What can I say? he's just the BEST! I love him and can't wait to marry him! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Our apartment!

Ok so this is our new apartment! I found these pictures online from where I actually found the listing for the place...since I haven't been able to take any pictures myself yet and get them uploaded. It's not a mansion, but we have literally fit everything somewhere. We have nice storage space here!

Oh and that not our stove. We got a brand new one that actually sorta matches the rest of the's WHITE. :) We love it though!

We just enjoyed our first relaxing weekend at the apartment. I've teased Ben that we get to see each other 17/7 because he has to go home at night and not sleep with me yet :( BUT we're only 3 weeks and 5 days away from the big day! So we'll survive :) Anyway, that's the update for now!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All moved in!

Hi all! So Ben and I had a LONG fun weekend! I'll put up pictures when I get them from my mom eventually...but we got all my stuff and some of his stuff moved into the apartment! WOO HOO! I have left the nest for the last time :) We have a way cute little one bedroom apartment in Costa Mesa, not far from the office we work at. It's just up the street from where Ben has been living with his room mates!
This weekend we went to Universal Studios with my family which was way fun, my first time there. Then we went shopping and to the beach where we saw a dead seal that washed up on shore. EW that part was gross. and I took Lady who had a BLAST at the beach. She got swallowed by a wave (she was terrified of the ocean) then rolled around in the sand...which made her by far the dirtiest she's EVER been! At one point she even ran REALLY far down the beach cuz nobody was paying attention and she got free. That was scary, but luckily some nice girl held onto her leash till I could come rescue her. Needless to say, she got a bath that day and the difference was night and day. She's so cute when she's clean!
So now the task at hand is unpacking all the boxes! But I'm looking forward to that cuz Ben will be there to do it with me! I'm SO excited to finally live close and have a normal relationship. Now we just get to be excited for the wedding! only one more month! YAY! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So I wondered today why Lady was being so quiet.. (Lady is our puppy Ben got me for this most recent Christmas) and when I realized it wasn't a toy she was chewing on...these are the pictures I captured. Silly dog loves GUM! but apparently it gives her good breath so it's all good :)

She so knows she's in trouble...
She was pretty dejected when it got taken away. I wonder how many pieces she managed to swallow???

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cool dream...

So last night I had this really cool dream...Ben and I were talking on the phone last night before I went to bed and we were talking about how cool our wedding day will be and how excited we are to be sealed forever in the Temple! my dream....

I had a dream I was in the sealing room in the SG Temple, and in my dream it was a LOT bigger. I was in my dress and all, and guess who walked in? President Monson! I immediately stood up and gasped, then walked over to him and shook his hand, and even hugged him. I told him how grateful I was for him and how happy I was that I got to be married in the temple. It was REALLY cool! And definitely better than the dreams I've BEEN having...examples...the wrong dress, wrong stuff like that :) The classic wedding nightmares!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

La La's Wedding :)

My Best Friend Lauren got married this Saturday, March 1st! It was a beautiful day, one full of many emotions. It was sad to know we are leaving our single lives behind, but so exciting to know such fun times lay ahead! She looked beautiful and it was fun to see all her months of planning come together to create a wedding that fully represented her and her new husband Jake. congrats La La! Now I'm even more excited for MY special day! :)

Me,Jake, Lauren, Wes

Me, Chanelle, Lyndsey, Breann all waiting for her to come out of the temple!
Me and Rayni dog waiting out in the hot sunshine :)

This video is of me singing at Lauren's reception. It was dim inside, but you should be able to hear how simple and pretty the song was. Her bro luke played guitar while I sang :)

La La