Monday, May 24, 2010

Yum Yum!!

Connor had his FIRST solid food on Saturday night, May 22nd! I was going to wait til he was exactly 6 months old but he has been SO hungry at night- eating like 8-10 ounces so we figured he was ready. Boy was he EVER ready! He ate like 3-4 Tablespoons of baby food! He LOVED IT! He didn't shudder or get mad at all..if anything the food wasn't coming fast enough! I definitely have a pig child on my hands. Whenever his bottle is gone he squeals like a little piglet! :-) We love it! The next day he tried some mashed banana too..and loved that! We are having so much fun watching his new stages of life. He has such a funny little personality and makes so many new noises! He watched The Backyardigans today in his little chair...cracked me up to watch him watch! He is so mellow and sweet and makes life so exciting...I look forward to every day that I get to hang out and play with him! He's my little man and I LOVE him!
Yay for solids Connor Man!

Why me? Why always ME?!

Talk about catch up! May has been a busy and eventful month for us! I figured I'd blog about my recent traumatic experience..but there really won't be pictures. Trust me- it's for the best! So about a week and a half ago I started feeling this painful bump on my chest. I've always had a little cyst there...never hurt though. I figured it was a clogged milk duct or something since my milk was drying up. It just kept growing though...and hurting...A LOT. I was going to go to the doctor but was so was in a tender area and I didn't want anyone touching it! So through the Vegas trip I was pretty uncomfortable. Finally, on Friday when we got home from Vegas I went and saw Jeremy's mom..(Jeremy is my sister's missionary) who works at the wound clinic. She told me it looked like an abscess...and would need to be drained. SOON. GRREEAAAT. I LOVE "procedures"! I cried a bit and said "I just had a baby..and breastfed...why more pain for ME?! Why can't BEN have the abscess?!"

I reluctantly went to the instacare clinic on Sunset...the doc looked at it and said "Whoa..that's a bad abscess. It needs to be drained." People--it was 2X2 inches big! I no longer had cleavage..this lump was pushing the ladies apart! BLEHHH!!! I was in so much pain I figured it couldn't be worse than that..

So an hour later he had made an incision, drained over 1/2 cup of puss from it...stuck gauze into it and bandaged me up. He told me it was a major staff infection and was pretty advanced. It could have been REALLY bad if I hadn't come in. It could have spread to my I guess it's good I was brave. It was the WORST smell on the planet. Rotting flesh...and Ben almost fainted. He had to go sit in the hall on the floor. He's never been affected that way before by gross stuff...but it was BAD. It hurt like HE%*!!! I cried a little...cringed a lot-and thankfully had a nurse who let me squeeze her hand the whole time. And now, 3 days later--I've had the gauze taken out and replaced twice...still draining..still tender. I've been on antibiotics and loratab for the pain...but it's been MISERABLE! I thought the abscess itself was bad pain..but this has been worse!

My advice--if you ever start to grow a third breast...have it taken care of RIGHT AWAY!!!

Viva Las Vegas!

Connor and I went to St. George last week on Wednesday. My dad happened to be close by and picked us up so we could go down for a visit! I was going to go to the doctor..but I didn't feel like it so we played instead! It's always fun for me to visit because my sisters are all so sweet with Connor and love playing with him! Wednesday we hung out at home, my mom had to go to mutual, she is the young women's president of her ward. Connor went to sleep and Ashlee and I decided to go to the store to get some cookie dough and scrapbooking stuff. I was in such a silly's not often that I get to be away from Connor and LOUD! haha..I was changing all the songs she played into fart songs. The last song she played the first two words were "Thunder rumbles.." I laughed SO hard I cried! The next morning my mom and I were sitting outside on the porch swing and said something about going to Vegas sometime...then it turned into this impromptu spontaneous thing in which we packed up and left an hour and a half later! We picked up Tasha and Desi from school and surprised them with the news.

Desi didn't know, however, until we teased her that we were going to a movie then preceded to miss every turn and somehow end up on the freeway headed south...oops! Ha ha she was freaking out and made us all laugh so hard! We got there and checked into the time share, went swimming for a bit, then to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes- our favorite! I got to see my bestie Lauren for a brief moment at Target where we bought an umbrella stroller for Connor. So nice to see her! On our way to shop at town square we stopped and watched the airplanes taking off and landing at the Vegas airport. This little spot is somewhere we went often when I lived in Vegas. Connor mostly wanted to watch the traffic driving by behind us..but did watch a few planes! I tried to get these shots in order...but it cracks me up to see him follow the plane from the beginning of the runway landing to the end!

Then we headed to Town Square where we did shopping at the MAC store, H&M and then got Fro-Yo at Yogurtland. Connor was SO tired by the end of the trip so I did a naughty thing and let him lick my fro-yo spoon. He LOVED it..naturally.

The next day we went to the pool right after eating breakfast (my mom made a fun mess of eggs...) and had SO much fun swimming with Connor! I seriously have such a hunk of a baby boy! He got checked out the most at the pool I think...ha ha. We headed home after getting some lunch..nobody wanted to shop anymore...ha ha. We had such a fun time- our first girls trip with baby Connor! He was a champ and had a blast! I love my sisters so much and I'm so glad they love Connor so much. He adores each one of them and has so much fun with them!

Salt Lake+sick= interesting trip

We took a trip to Salt Lake May 12-13th for a conference Ben went to. I decided to tag along just for fun since the hotel and gas were paid for. We left Wednesday morning and had fun eating ice cream for breakfast from the Beaver Cheese Factory..and of course got some fresh curd. Connor did really great, napping here and there, and we only had to stop once in Nephi for him to get his wiggles out! We made a stop in Lehi to see Ben's friend Kennessa and her new baby Natalia. I had forgotten how small babies are at first! She was very long and beautiful...and I loved her new baby smell! But I'm pretty ok with the fact that Connor is growing up...I don't miss the colic! We got to Salt Lake and checked into our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express. I was so excited because the hotel had a mini "water park" called Grins and Fins.We let Connor rest and take time away from the car, then went to dinner at the Red Lion diner. I had a coupon (of course) so it was really cheap dinner! I had fish n chips..I had been craving them, and Ben had a burger. details..details...

We got back and took Connor to the was interesting to say the least. Here he is posing in his swimsuit! I was SO excited for him! The second we walked into the pool area he SCREAMED. The waterfalls hitting the water scared him cuz they were SO loud..and he just lost it! At first I had no idea what the sound was! Then I looked and realized it was my poor baby squealing! So we walked out and then slowly back in...he was nervous but did ok. I took him into the pool with me and it was just too cold...his gums were chattering. That's when I noticed his nose start to we got in the hot tub for a minute to warm up then he watched with daddy while I went down the waterslide. I was NOT intending to go under all the way but that slide just shoved me down into the pool! ha ha Ben could hear my screams...awkward!

That night was a ROUGH night. Connor had a baby crib and did NOT like it. And he was getting SICK. Luckily we had tylenol and tried our best to keep him asleep and comfortable..but I was basically up every hour or less giving him his binki. At 3:30 he was really mad and we didn't get him back to sleep til 5. Needless to say I was exhausted..Ben had to go to the conference that morning at 8:45..and after only a brief 1-2 hours of sleep Connor and I were tired! We tried to take a nap..and Connor was OUT until the housekeeping ladies started blasting latin music in the room next door and talking SO loudly right outside our door! Woke up my sick baby and made me MAD! I called the front desk and complained but the damage was already done! That set the tone for one HARD day. We had to check out by noon..and Ben's conference lasted until 3:15. So I had to wander the mall...which didn't work out cuz Connor was still sick..and tired. He wouldn't stop screaming. I finally gave up and went back to the car and drove until he fell asleep. I hate West Valley...stupidest drivers EVER! I almost got hit...but luckily the guy looked up at the right moment and we were all kept safe. I braved the mall again with a sleeping baby..and he woke up after 25 minutes. YIKES. We went to Costco and right when we started shopping Ben texted and was done early. YAY! I was so worn out, Connor was a mess and I just wanted to get HOME! It took us what felt like FOREVER to get home but finally did.

Connor was feeling MUCH better within a couple of days thank goodness! It was his FIRST time being sick. Not bad considering he is 5 1/2 months old! I think my breastmilk at least kept him healthy..and now that he's done with that hopefully I can still keep him healthy and happy!

What I learned: Don't take a stupid road trip just because it's free...

Cousin visit!

A few weeks ago, May 5-7th Ben's sister Miranda, her husband Steven and their baby Tanner visited us! They were on their way home from Minnesota where they'd been living for 5 months for an internship Steven had with Polaris. We had been so looking forward to getting the babes together and it was SO fun to see how much they had grown! Connor was about the age Tanner had been last time they'd met. They still don't quite know what to think of each other, but we had fun watching them play and watching each other! :-) We wish Steven and Miranda lived closer so we could hang out more! Miranda is my age and Steven is Ben's we get along great, and have so much fun together! The day they got here we went to Mi Pueblo, our favorite Mexican food place. It was SO tasty! We had fun just hanging out that night and playing Wii. The next day we chilled at home then went to Ninja Sushi for lunch...again SO good. I'm sad we didn't get any pictures of the adults..just the boys. But that's ok I guess...ha ha. We went to Walmart as well...saw a girl who had a 9 month old baby, and she was about 7 months pregnant. Crazy!!! We came home and let the boys nap, then went on a walk to main street, where we got ice cream at Bulloch Drug. I love that place. I love the charm of a small town, Cedar really has been fun! I love that we live in such a central location so close to everything!

After we got home we popped in Avatar and watched it while eating some hamburgers. It was an all around good time! It's so hard to really play games or do anything major with two babies on totally different schedules! It was a lot of fun having them here though. Come back soon guys!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day

I had such a wonderful 1st Mother's Day! The night before I was going crazy trying to figure out what Ben had gotten me..he was acting all secretive. So after he finished up what it was he said I could open it that night! I'm so glad he did cuz I wouldn't have been able to sleep! He and his mom went in on a Spa package at Red Mountain spa for me! It's a 50 minute massage and lunch, plus use of the facilities all day! And the best part is he had my dad get one for my mom so we can go together! I'm so SO excited!! I have never had a massage...and I'm looking forward to it BIG time! He also gave me a bouquet of BEAUTIFUL flowers!The next morning on Mother's Day he made me some strawberry crepes for breakfast, and we went to church. I just got called as a Relief Society teacher and taught the lesson, which was wonderful. I had a lot of fun, and gave the ladies my favorite sugar cookies after! :-) They were a big hit!

That day Ben did all the cooking and cleaning of the kitchen while I lounged around and played with Connor. He made a BEAUTIFUL was so good! We had my family over for dinner and enjoyed steak fajitas. My mom got me a nice gift, since it was my first Mother's Day...very sweet! A strainer that balances on the sink, a cute note pad with matching file folders, lip gloss, and a beautiful miniature statue of a mother with her child. I got her a Picaboo photo book with all of the highlights from the past year!

Later that day we went to my grandma Irene's house with all the extended family for some dessert. It was so nice to have everyone together...the day before we had been together also for my cousin Mandy's wedding. We all had some of Ben's cake and other fun! Also, Ashlee got to hear from her missionary Jeremy! We all got a chance to talk to him, and it was so nice to hear his voice! He had great news for us too! His dad had just told him that he had decided to be BAPTIZED! Jeremy's mom is a member of the Church but his dad has never been...well now that Jeremy's on his mission and his twin brother is about to head into the mission field the spirit has been very present in the Garcia home. After reading a six page letter Jeremy wrote-over and over again- he decided to be baptized! We were thrilled!

That evening we relaxed at was a wonderful day and I felt so special! I am so thankful to be a mother--and to have a wonderful mother of my own! She is my best friend and I take it as a compliment when people tell me I act just like her! :-) We have so much fun together laughing and being stupid! Ha ha...

I am so thankful for Connor and how much fun it is to take care of him! I prayed so hard to become a mother and it's the best thing I've ever done! I love every moment I spend with him and love watching him develop and grow! I am so thankful for Ben who made me a mother and treats me so well. I truly am married to my perfect match!

This is Connor at 5 months, wearing what Ben wore the day he was blessed! Ha ha!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

So I'm gonna blog this out both for my own peace of mind and so that anyone who cares can give me their input...

Out of the clear blue sky I have a desire to go back to school. OUT OF NOWHERE! Just a week or so ago I was heard saying "I'm SO glad I'm not in school..."So who knows why...but it happened.

So here's what I'm thinking...
I want to graduate with my BS in Communication Studies next Spring, so I can walk with Benjamin when he gets his degree.
I have 57 more credits to do so...
I would need 37 Communications credits, a math class, and some electives of my choosing.
I took some Comm. classes towards my Associates and LOVED them. I really think I'd love this major.
I could take 2/3 of my classes online. And the classes I'd have to take in a class room would be during times when Ben could be home with Connor- so no babysitter.
It would be FREE thanks to Pell grants...
I'd have a degree that could never expire...

What I'm afraid of:
Missing even one moment of Connor's life..
Getting so tired I have no energy to be a good mom.
That I'm being selfish.
That I can't do it all.
Did I mention missing a single moment of Connor's life?

I realize that I'm lucky to not have to work..and a lot of mothers miss out on those 20-40 hours per week with their babies. I know it'd only be about 6 hours per week in the fall that I'd not see him...but is it selfish? I wanted a baby for SO I have him and I have this sudden urge to do something that has nothing to do with him!

Is guilt just programmed into a mother's heart anytime she spends time away from her little ones?
I want to do the right thing..and I'm excited about school...but then I look at Connor and how much he loves me..and I'm scared he'll be let down.