Thursday, November 11, 2010

Other Skills

Sooooo ever since being in school I have felt SO satisfied with life. I was fulfilled as a mother, I LOVED being home with Connor always, but I couldn't deny the strong prompting to go back to school! And boy am I glad I listened to that prompting. As I stood on the floor of the Centrum Arena tonight taking photos of the volleyball game for an assignment from the University Journal I realized how much I would have missed out on. I have learned so much more than I ever imagined I would. I have loved my major, communications fits me like a glove! I have come to realize what a major nerd I am...I LOVE doing research. Like so much that I don't cringe anymore at the thought of getting a P.H.d!! What? Maybe someday....

One of my favorite classes, and favorite due to the challenges it has provided me with has been photojournalism. I have had my photos published twice, and have been really proud of my work each week. I have been on assignment from the Journal twice now, and tonight's assignment was for the women's volleyball game. It was my biggest challenge yet. I don't play sports, I don't watch sports...I know how to play the game, but WOW is it hard to get a good shot!!! To get a good sports shot you have to get a good facial expression and the ball in the shot...very challenging with a game that moves fast. BUT I DID IT!!! Tonight as I stood there and sang to myself when the cheerleaders were performing a routine I realized that I am finally exploring new talents and abilities that I might have ignored before. The only thing I have ever cared to do is perform and's been my "thing"...anyone know what that's like? You get labeled early and that's what you focus on???

Anyway, I love taking pictures. I love candid, and I love photojournalism. I want to get my master's degree in it someday...possibly. Here is my top shot from tonight's game...

I love that school has opened my eyes to more possibilities. It has also made me a really good mom...present and future. Through some of my classes I've discovered I really have a desire to home school my children someday...possibly. :)

SO...while I may be tired...and ready for this semester to be over, I am SO thankful I've been able to learn SO much! I have been more involved as a student than I ever was before...and it's awesome. It's hard and I feel that I am spreading myself too thin sometimes...but it always works out! I loved working as a poll worker, being a part of the democratic process, I love attending events and feeling a part of a community.

I'll probably add more to this post later...for now I can't keep my train of thought!!!

Goodnight all.....