Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quick Update

I'm supposed to be laying down right now but I'm cheating for a minute to write about what's going on with us today.

I went to my appointment, business as usual. I had been up at 4:30 in the morning feelin a little nauseous, and had a really sore sciatic nerve. So I took a hot bath and made it back in bed at 6...and then woke up at 7 to Ben's alarm..then 7:30 when he woke me up for good. My appointment was at 8. I went in my slippers, no makeup and no breakfast. I just wanted to get in and out!

No blood pressure was 146/100...way WAY too high. And then they found a lot of protein in my urine. Lovely! "Have you been having headaches?" they asked... "Why yes I have. I wake up with headaches and they last til I take something..." hmmm..."have you been seeing bright spots or stars or anything?" ....." a matter of fact I have..." hmmm... ok well you may get your wish for an early baby. If these levels don't come down you may be induced today or tomorrow. "WAIT WHAT?!!" I started panicking thinking about how NOT ready I am. I mean yeah I'm ready..but there are still things to be done! My bag isn't packed! I felt I had a lot more time! When she checked me, I was not dialated or effaced at she said we probably would NOT induce because I just was not ready...and inducing me too early could lead to C-Section. So on to Labor and Delivery I went...

I had to get blood drawn (that was fun, after poking me the phlebotomist realized she hadn't drawn any blood into the vial! SO I had to get re-poked..and then I had to get an ultrasound, which was fun I guess..then had to have my pressures monitored for a while. They weren't AS high as they had been earlier but still really 137/87. So after getting my labs they decided I could go home, but on bed rest. Only get up to go potty. And starting Thursday morning I have to keep EVERY drop of pee for 24 hours..then go back in Friday morning for more tests, and a 2 hour pressures/non stress test monitoring party. Fun huh? That'll be MY black Friday!!!

I'm having a REALLY hard time being down on bed rest. My nesting has really kicked in and I want to do SO much. I came to St. George tonight with Ashlee as she was driving down from Provo. It'll give Ben a chance to focus on his HUGE final project (75-100 pages anyone?) so that he can get it done in case Baby Tyrrel comes soon. He was SO good to me for the few hours I was home this afternoon. He didn't make me feel like a pain in the butt...he put the baby's swing together in our room so I could watch. He moved the computer to my nightstand so it'd be close to me...and made me some really yummy sandwiches. I love him SO much. I'm sad to be away from him tonight, but know he'll get more work done this way! P.S. Ben is down 26 pounds from his diet! He looks AWESOME.

SO that's our story! Hopefully I can stay healthy for the both of us and keep this pesky pressure down! The hard part is I have NO idea if it's up high or not. I don't feel any it's hard to feel like I NEED to be laying down. Oh well...Can't wait for baby to come and put an end to all this madness!!! :-) Then we can begin a whole new phase of madness...but a lot more fun!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pregnant Dreams...

Before I get into what could be SO boring for anyone to read...I'll let you see the latest belly picture. This is actually last week, but I don't feel like I've changed a WHOLE lot. As of yesterday I am FULL term! I am trying to do a few things to get this labor thing started..but so far nothing. Let's hope he's here soon! I'm SO ready to meet my little boy!

So those who know me well know that I have WEIRD dreams. I know there are not many dreams that are NOT weird..but I guess what makes me odd is I remember almost ALL of my dreams. Since being pregnant I have had increasingly odd dreams...but I feel like I had the weirdest of them all a few nights ago. I can't get it out of my head so I'm going to write it out....err type it out! If you feel like reading, great. If not, I won't be offended!

Not sure how it most dreams..but for some reason I was dead. Kirsten had ceased to be Kirsten. But my spirit was still alive, and I had to be someone ELSE. I had my same mind, but to everyone I was known as this other person, and I had to BE this person until SHE died. Much like re-incarnation I guess, but I didn't start as a baby. So who was I? Well I bore a striking resemblance to Lindsay Lohan. In fact as the dream progressed I was her twin sister...or something. I was ok with it, I guess Lindsay is a pretty girl when she's not all wacked out. And it was weird to be that I have NEVER been that skinny in my life.

As the dream progressed I was swimming in a lazy river type thing..a river that just went in a circle around this section of land. I was a little nervous to do this, because apparently this is where my current "person" would die..and I was going to have to become someone else. I wish I could remember who that person was...another actress...but ANYWAY in the mean time I could hear the voice of this guy I worked with at InfoWest. I looked down and he was a trout. A swimming trout...and beside he explained to me..was his girlfriend Patty. He explained that they had always loved fish and really wanted to try life as a fish, and since it wouldn't be a LONG life if they hated it, they hadn't lost much. WOW. Really?

I honestly can't remember the rest, I would have if I had typed this out the morning after the dream..but it was WACK!!!

My next dream happened this morning. Ben and I were driving through California, in the area we used to live. But the way we were driving was almost like MarioKart on the Wii...weird. So we decide to drive by our old apartment. Only it looked NOTHING like our old apartment. It looked more like a laundromat..but I didn't realize my dream it was normal. We got out of our car and were wandering around but didn't want our old landlord to see us. So we were sneaking around and suddenly Ben thought someone saw us so we were laying down under the stairs hiding. It was gross! So we finally escaped to our car, which was now a big white truck..and the landlady saw us and said something to Ben. When he got in the truck he said she'd told him we needed to take care of that fridge we'd left behind. I yelled out the window "It's been a YEAR! YOU TAKE CARE OF IT!!!!" But then I came to my senses and realized we had a big truck, why not be nice and haul it off ourselves? Maybe we could sell it on Craigslist or something. So we drove around the corner to where all the leftover fridges were (By the way we DID leave our fridge for the guy who moved in after us, but he said it had gone rotten or bad or something in the time it took him to move in. Weird..) So I found our old fridge, opened it and BLEH! It had old peach skins and maggots and I swear I could SMELL it for real in my dream. Ben had wandered off so I went to find him. I was in a field and as he came towards me, so did a raccoon! It started jumping up on me! I was screaming bloody murder, trying to get back in the truck with our kitty and Figaro. Then I woke up. Ok...and that was a mid morning nap dream. YIKES.

I've never been one for recurring dreams, but the ones I seem to have relate in some way to:

Disneyland (or any theme park my mind remembers) namely Wet N Wild as well..
Airports (forgetting ticket, or luggage or missing my flight)
Having my baby but not feeling any sort of love for it...those suck
Realizing it's the end of a semester of high school and I have been MISSING my math class ALL semester! How will I pass the final?!
Being in high school again and not remembering the combo to my locker
The ocean or Lake Powell. I never seem to ENJOY that dream's always a scary one.

Anyone else have any recurring dreams?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lovely Last Day...

As I posted yesterday, today is my last day at work. You'd think KNOWING that would have made it SO easy to come to work! WRONG! I just wanted to lay around and do NOTHING today! So I'm glad all my efforts to look decent today paid off with a nice going away "party" at work. There aren't that many people working in my office on fact only my boss and one other co worker at this moment. Another will be in within the hour. So "parties" are a little weird. More like the boss saying..hey I got cookies..everyone have one...and here's a card for you Kirsten. It was cute though, being in an office consisting mainly of men they managed to get me a card with a pink fairy on the front (the good luck fairy) that makes magical noises when it opens. Impressive right? Inside the card was a $25 Visa giftcard from the office. SO nice. I don't even think there was a going away event or gift when I left my job in Cali and I had done a LOT more for that company! Just goes to show you can never predict how people will be. I'm grateful my boss and office made me feel so special and that they are sad to see me go. Makes me feel special...

Here's a close-up of the turkey iced cookie I'm still trying to finish...frosting OVERLOAD!

The END!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Punching out...

So tomorrow is my last day of work...EVER. I say that now, but I'd better be careful in case someday I HAVE to work again. I just figure since Ben and I have already done the whole unemployed, living with parents thing, we will never have to suffer in that way again. In a perfect world right?

ANYWAY...I am officially going to be done working after my shift tomorrow! Can I tell you how much I will NOT miss having to work?! Yes I have the easiest job EVER. I only work 4 hours a day, I answer phones, and do very menial work on the computer. But it IS a job. I have to ask for time off, I have to make sure I keep an eye on the clock everyday. I have to get READY..( a task that gets increasingly annoying the bigger I get).

So as of Monday...bring on the freedom! Here are some things I hope to do before my ticking time bomb goes off..

~Clean my car...REALLY well
~Organize my cupboards in the kitchen
~Get every last thing put away in the baby's room
~Organize our garage
~Finish putting up Christmas decorations (yes our tree and half our decor is already up...)
~Read a few good books
~Get in a walk everyday, in spite of how cold it may be outside
~Take afternoon naps
~Get my spare bedroom ready for our guests that will be staying with us...YAY! :-)
~Make sure my cameras are charged and ready to go for the hospital
~Pack my hospital bag
~Learn the meaning of PATIENCE...

I think that should keep me somewhat busy while I play the waiting game! Not to mention Thanksgiving is next week and I can't wait to see "The Blind Side" and "New Moon" soon as I feel up to braving the crowds!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Being pregnant...

I feel like since I've been pregnant I complain a LOT. Maybe that's just's easy to express your discomforts and pains, but not so fun to talk about what is GREAT about pregnancy. Not sure why that is...but I have just had a lot of fun complaining! But before this big process is over I guess I'd better post on how much I have LOVED being pregnant in spite of the incessant heartburn and getting bigger by the day...but I digress...

I looked in the mirror today at my big belly and realized how much I will miss it when it's gone! I of course cannot WAIT to have my waistline back...but I have grown quite used to that big bump. I remember being SO excited to finally show! I was one of those who was not hiding it by any means, but poking it out before it was even there! I have been so proud of this baby bump. I would almost get mad when people couldn't tell by looking at me that I was CLEARLY pregnant. What, did they think I was just fat? Probably...

Anyway...I have waited a long time to be pregnant. I have wanted a baby since I was married the first time, and am SO thankful no baby came of that relationship. But even though I was living a single life I STILL could not wait to become a mommy. So when Ben and I had only been married for 3 months I was THRILLED when he agreed to try for a baby! The conversation went something like this..I remember it very clearly. We were laying on our bed and I was whining about how yet ANOTHER friend of mine was pregnant...and I said " I just feel like it's my TURN!" Ben said very quietly.. "Me too..." I had to probe him for a long time to get him to repeat what he'd said to know if I'd heard him right!!! He finally admitted to saying it and said we could start trying but I HAD to keep it a secret. Ok..sure..I could do that. YEAH RIGHT.

A LOT of people knew I was trying the longer we tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant. We started in August and it took until March for it to happen. I was pretty much resigning myself to the fact that it'd never happen. I'd never be pregnant...and I was even getting used to the idea of adopting if we had to! My last breakdown was about a week before I found out I was pregnant. I cried in Ben's lap and wanted him to just be as mad as I was...and he was. He let me rant and rave. I even said "I'll feel so stupid if this turns out to be the month I actually AM pregnant.." Maybe that sealed the deal? Who knows...but I WAS pregnant!

I still remember my shock at seeing that little pink line. Could it really be? FINALLY?! I have never been so over the moon for anything in my life. And I still am...and know I always will be when this baby is concerned! It's amazing how that little line on a pregnancy test has turned into this big growing, kicking, amazing little boy in my ever growing belly!

I have loved feeling him kick, turn, hiccup and sometimes even tickle me. I love knowing he's in there all safe and sound. It has been the easiest babysitting I've ever done! It amazes me that he can survive in there without air or real food...but when he's out I have to watch him so carefully to make sure the temperature is right, he is eating enough, pooping enough, sleeping enough and getting enough love (which won't be hard). I feel like this baby is so self sufficient now...and he'll be born so helpless! Ha backwards is that?

Anyway, in spite of all the discomfort...being pregnant has been one of the greatest blessings. I know part of me will miss it. I have really gotten used to it and dare I say...I can't wait to be pregnant again when this is all over! I guess that's the beauty of motherly love. I know this is one of the greatest most meaningful things I have ever done in my life...and I know I have a big responsibility ahead in bringing up a little baby who will become a grown person with goals and dreams of his own. I hope he knows how much he is loved already and that I will enjoy motherhood as much as I have enjoyed being pregnant!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Breach Baby

SO my sweet little baby boy is BREACH again. I know his head was down 2 weeks ago..but the last couple days what I thought was a little bum is apparently his HEAD. I had my appointment today and that's the situation! SO...

Monday morning I have an appointment with my office to see if he has turned. If not then I'll have an appointment with Dr. Gatherum later that day whenever they can fit me in, just to do a consult. Since I am seeing a nurse midwife, there are certain things she can't do alone, without the help of an MD. After he sees me they will schedule a procedure for Tuesday in which they will try to turn the baby. They'll put me under anesthesia and give me an epidural, so that just in case things get complicated, they can do emergency C section. I guess the risk involved is that the placenta could rupture, or the cord could get stuck around his neck or something. So just in case, they want me ready to go. They are pretty aggressive with him to get him to flip. This can also induce I could have this baby as soon as NEXT WEEK! YIKES!

I'm hoping baby will turn on his own and not even need any of this done. I think he probably will, as he is a little squirmy boy already! If not, then ok, let's have a baby! :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I love saving money...

It's true. Many of you know it's become somewhat of an addiction! I love cutting coupons, I love finding deals, and I LOVE saving money. If you haven't yet, check out my money saving blog HERE. It is still being worked on, but I will be making bigger strides in the next couple of weeks to keep my mind off the slow going last month of pregnancy. I will post other fun things too, like great easy recipes, advice for stay at home moms, book referrals..stuff I am really into. I love finding new fun blogs to follow, and want to have one that people can really enjoy if they are into the same things I am! :-)

I just wanted to share my INCREDIBLE savings I got last night...and inspire you to find some great deals of your own!

Walgreens had always been just another store in my mind...extra and over-priced. I thought, "Why would ANYONE shop there?! It's so expensive..." But really..I was SO wrong. Not only do they have really great prices and save you a trip to WalMart..they have REGISTER REWARDS. Wow. I was overwhelmed the first time I read about this..and tried it. The first time I went to Walgreens to cash in on register rewards Ben and I were there for over an hour! And last night on my second was like 20 minutes. A BIG improvement.

If you are still on. If not, this may be boring info....

Here's how I worked my awesome deal last night.
Walgreen's had a deal...spend $20 on select medicines and get $10 in register rewards (RR)
Also, buy Nyquil any 2 for $12 and get $5 in RR.
SO I used all my many coupons, as well as the in-ad coupon they had this week for $5 off your purchase of $25 or more. The key is to give them THAT coupon first. that way your manufacturer coupons don't take you UNDER the $25 mark. For example..I had $12.50 worth of coupons I had cut from the paper. So if I had used those first I may have gone under $25 and not been able to use the $5 off. SO I gave them that first..then had my other coupons. Total discount in coupons? $17.50! So if you add up what I WOULD have would come to about $51.90 with tax. I spent $23.50 with tax! YIKES! :-) Then if you factor in my RR..I spent $8.50. And I got GOOD Sudafed, Tylenol and NyQuil products. Things that we use regularly during cold season. I was really happy about it!

SO what will I do with my RR? I have til 11/24 to use them. I'm going back to Walgreens but in St. George...because THEY got a coloring book that has coupons in it. The Cedar store did NOT get them in stock. They have a coupon for $1 off Huggies. It will apply to all packages I buy. So I'll spare you the details..but I am going to buy 9 packs in 3 different transactions and the end result will be $1.69 per pack! FOR DIAPERS! Gotta love RR...and coupons. If you don't take the time to cut them..and think it doesn't save enough money for the effort ( I used to think this way)..THINK AGAIN! IT'S SO WORTH IT!

Good luck finding some great deals of your own this week @ Walgreens!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby Shower!!!

This weekend was the event I've been looking forward to for a long time! I was originally going to have a small shower in St. George primarily for my friends, but after realizing my whole family would be in St. George the same day, we decided to combine showers! My mom went ALL out and made it the cutest most fun shower I've ever been to! My mom bought everything BLUE she could possibly find. We had blue iced cupcakes, blue candy, blue punch, even chips in blue bags! She used her blue sheets to cover the furniture and had blue balloons everywhere! There were little baby boys taped along the banister of the stairs and baby clothes hanging from a makeshift clothesline. It was an eyeful and took me a long time just to notice all the adorable decor!!! I was so grateful and overwhelmed...I truly have the best mom in the world! She even surprised me a few minutes before the shower by putting on blue sweats that had been embroidered "Connor's Grandma".

A lot of my mom's friends and neighbors were told very last minute about the shower (as well as some of my aunts) but showed up and showered me with some really fun gifts! Connor is VERY prepared for his first few months of life! We played some fun games, and my mom made me wear a baby pacifier (big person sized ha ha) around my neck, and a big blue bow headband on my head! (no picture of that on my camera) My aunt Michelle helped out with some of the games and made the cute little baby shoe candies pictured above. My mom served little bbq weenies and meatballs...her little inside joke that everyone caught on to...ha ha. Leave it to my mom!

I felt so loved and had such a fun day. Connor started moving around in my tummy right when the shower started and he didn't stop for the entire afternoon! He was so excited to hear his mommy get lots of fun presents for him! Just look at the loot we brought home today!!!

There will still be more to come from family that couldn't make it which is amazing, because we feel so blessed already! We also have a fun giftcard to Babies R Us from Connors Grandma and Grandpa Tyrrel that we are excited to use!

Thank you to everyone who came and made it such a fun day! And thank you Lauren for taking some fun maternity pictures for us after it was over! I can't wait to see them!!!

Only 34 more days til Connor's due date...WE CANNOT WAIT!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ben's pregnant!

Ha ha ok..he's not really. But if he peed on a stick it'd probably show positive! Ben started the HCG diet today...after a lot of research and making sure it was what he wanted. It'll be a bit weird for me to watch Ben shed the pounds as I am still gaining a few before this baby comes out..but I have never been more excited for him! He's struggled with his weight his whole life. He remembers being really heavy when he was 10 years old this will be a life changer for him and something I feel he'll really stick to! So..if you feel like watching his progress..he started a blog of his own! Click on Ben's Blog to check it out! Good luck babe!

As for me, my feet are looks gross..I have cankles...and I'm ready for Connor to be BORN! I love this baby...but I think I'll appreciate him a lot more when he's OUT! :-) Only a few more weeks left thank goodness! WAHOO!

I was SO excited to buy this pretty collar coat..til my husband told me it was a TREE skirt. As if! :-) Ha ha...
For those who do NOT comprehend my sense of humor..I really DID know it was a tree skirt. Ben was dying of embarrassment when I put this on in Target for my mom to take a picture. ha ha!

One last thing..I have officially stained the belly of THREE shirts since being prego. I just am not used to my belly catching my spills. Oops...