Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Here are some fun photos of the boys I took for my mom's birthday present. I want to redo them now that I have a better camera, I was pretty irritated with the whole process...Connor was naughty as heck! He was throwing lemons at me, running down the street and being a full on 2 year old. But I guess after all is said and done they turned out ok! I have such adorable sons!

We have been staying busy lately, and Connor's vocabulary continues to grow. He talks so well now and forms more clear sentences. We understand him 400% better! We can tell him to tell someone something and he'll pass the message along. It's so fun! It makes me sad to see his baby self wearing off more and more everyday, but I have really enjoyed watching him learn!

Parker is in one of the CUTEST phases that I love the most! He is 6 months old and I wish I could freeze him in time! He is snuggly, happy, giggly, and I love watching him grab at things in what looks like slow motion. He is totally in awe of his big brother and loves watching him do EVERYTHING. They are best friends already and Connor snuggles him and kisses him all the time. They laugh at each other and it warms my heart to see their strong bond they already have! I hope it lasts forever.

We moved..have I blogged that? We moved around the corner...still living with my parents but the house we are in now is much bigger and more comfortable for us. We are able to be downstairs all together now, instead of spread here and there in the other house. Connor's room is super cute and fun and has a slide in it. Parker sleeps in the storage room down the hall...which he LOVES. It's dark and cozy and the hum of the freezer in there keeps him to sleep :) We have a nice big room and our own bathroom and I think our living quarters are actually bigger than our townhouse in Cedar was...we just don't have our own kitchen. Which is ok with me...less dishes! :) I have been having fun making dinner calendars and planning our meals a month at a time. Everyone loved looking at the calendar to see what we would be having for dinner that day. It's kept us from eating out too. I have been able to cook up a whole range of delicious meals!

Ben is working at Deseret Book still and it keeps him sane. He mostly works evenings so we have all day together which is fun. He is still applying for jobs right and left but nothing is happening yet. It's harder than I can say to keep trudging along but we are finding ways to stay afloat. Thank goodness for family that helps us!

We love our kids, our home, and are so thankful for the things we DO have in our lives! Happy Spring to everyone!