Thursday, December 1, 2011

My baby is getting so big!

Connor Scott Tyrrel
December 1st 2009
6:15 p.m.
7 lbs 4 0z 19 1/2 inches long
Perfect in every way!

Connor Scott Tyrrel
December 1st 2011:

Sleeps in until almost 9 a.m.
Has eggs, cereal, clementine and animal crackers for breakfast
Has successfully kept mommy running since he got out of his high chair- currently begging me to peel yet another clementine.
Plays in toilets, gets into his aunts rooms to play with their stuff, sneaks behind the coffee table to have his private poop time.
Big brother for 6 1/2 weeks- the best little helper mommy could ask for!
Gives brother his binky when mommy is busy, throws away diapers, brings mommy whatever she asks for, (had to just take a break to peel the clementine) and lights up whenever Parker is in the room! He gives him sweet kisses and loves, and has never once been mean to Parker. He adores him and is the perfect big brother!

Connor is a little smarty pants and I wouldn't even be able to post all the words he says. He has a book that has 100 words in it, things like different foods, activities, cars, etc. He can say just about every word! And his aunt Desi has him saying words like boobies and "botha" which is her signature means "bother" haha. He copies just about everything we say and do! He loves to turn "bights" on and off, and will get his step stool so he can reach the light switches to turn them back on when he's turned them off.
He loves Thomas the Train and calls it "Toot Too-eht" He says certain words so cute! When it ends in an ooo sound he seems to add an ehhh. Like Juice is Jooo-ehs. It cracks us up and my mom loves to hear him say Toot Too-eht! Even though we go crazy hearing him say it at least 15 times as we are struggling to get it turned on as fast as we can! He definitely has the patience of his grandpa Scott-NONE. Haha.

He says his own prayers now (with help of course) which is sweet to hear every night. He knows the little patterns in the wording and at the end of his prayer it goes something like this:
Mommy: In
Connor: In
Mommy: the name
Connor: of
Mommy: Jesus
Connor: Christ

He does that throughout the prayer and always ALWAYS blesses the piano. He LOVES THE PIANO or Mano as he calls it. A sign? I think so! Right now he's sticking his bowl in my face and all over me so I will get him more clementine. PIG! Pause....
Ok wow that was a long pause. One of those moments I'm still getting used to as a mommy of two, Connor fell and bumped his head and Parker was screaming for the boob. Ha kid on each arm both screaming is what you might call a bad moment but for me it was a heart warming one, reminding me of my most important role in this life. To comfort, raise and teach these beautiful children. Anyway, that was a big side note in this post that is supposed to be ALL about CONNOR! :)

I used to do a funny thing where I'd talk like I was the announcer at a horse race starting with "And he's off!" when Connor would wake up in the morning. He has such a routine that we can't stay ahead of! He opens cupboards (which now are almost all locked), dumps all his toys out, opens all the doors and runs to get the most forbidden toys (we have door locks but he outsmarted them so now we have to lock the doors....) and he'd constantly go up and down the stairs just to make us crazy! He loves going down there to get into my sisters rooms, play the piano and just make a mess. It's too big of a house for a little boy! He has been in his terrible twos for 6 months now. My mom tells me often "Man my girls were never this busy....he's SO BUSY!" He really is. I don't know if all toddler boys are like this, but he's adopted certain nick names in this house which I'm trying to stop...such as "Psycho, demon child, crazy, etc." There have been times when even with Ben, me, my parents and my sisters we STILL can't keep up with him! NO EXAGGERATION!!!!

But man is it fun. This is what he's supposed to do and I'm so thankful he's healthy, strong, smart, happy and continuing to be more of all of those things everyday! Not to mention he's SO CUTE! We love his big eyes, long eyelashes, sweet little lips, and everything that makes him Connor. He has been such a joy to me. I have gone through phases with him when he's especially naughty where I just don't think I can do it! But more often than not I look at him and my heart skips two beats and I thank Heavenly Father for entrusting me with his sweet little spirit. I know he will grow to be a very good and sweet man. It is a lot of pressure to do my job right to make sure of that, but he makes it such a fun job! :)

Happy 2nd Birthday my first born sweet son! Mommy loves you!!!