Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PIcture Upload!

Looking through the blog I realize how NOT updated I am on photos of Parker...I still take a ton of Connor because he is more mobile..but I DO get some of Parker and I need to post! These are from January!

California 2012!

We went to California last month and I finally organized my photos on my memory card! Which means I'll be doing some back up posting too...I don't even think I posted pics from our family Christmas party yet! are pics from our adventures!

Connor played with Grandma Tyrrel. They picked oranges off the tree and then made a home made bird feeder out of a pine cone, peanut butter and bird feed! Grandma showed him how to eat oranges by sucking on each slice and having an orange smile! Connor has eaten them that way ever since.

The fruit trees in the backyard. I have always been in love with these trees, and the fruit from them is by far the BEST you will ever taste. I think we brought home nine big bags of oranges! They have lemons and pomegranates in addition to the 8 or so orange trees! Connor had so much fun exploring the backyard and picking oranges. It was a little boy's paradise.
Connor hasn't seen his great aunt Jaelene since he was 8 months old! He saw grandma Pat at graduation but was so happy to see her again too! Parker got to meet lots of family as well! Everyone loved seeing our two fun boys! Grandma Pat got nervous with Connor on the trampoline and offered many times to babysit for us so we could go on vacation :) If only we had somewhere to go and money to get there!
We got to meet some new family members as well! I had never met Ben's uncle Alward, and I did so for the first time! They had brought Breanna back from Arizona so they stayed with the Tyrrel's for a couple nights as well. Alward, his girlfriend and her son all stayed so we had a full house! It was fun visiting and it was interesting to meet one of Ben's uncles because I got a glimpse into what he may look like in 20 years! Ha ha...
Grandma Tyrrel had fun laying with Parker on the floor and showing Connor how to play piano. They loved spending time with her!
Beautiful sunset and Connor picking oranges
Our rental van. They overly upgraded us because they didn't have the car we reserved so we got to ride in luxury! It was so fun! It had all the bells and whistles and there were still tricks we discovered at the end of the trip! We could have plugged our phones into the outlet in the backseat..or even hooked up our Wii haha. Connor had fun riding in there, watching movies and then going for rides in California.
It's scary how much he loves to DRIVE! He gets into every car he can! At one point when Ben was cleaning the van out for our return trip home I heard a little voice. I went in to the house and they all said Connor had gone outside. I couldn't see him anywhere but after looking again I saw him sitting in Grandma Tyrrel's car just playing and getting into her gum! Such a stinker!

So that's our trip in a nutshell! I did't get any pics at the Balboa Bay Beach club where Ben and I had brunch but it was beautiful! :)