Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lucky Me

Do you ever have days where you just feel overly grateful? I do, and the past couple of days have been that way. Yesterday started out as a really bad day. We tried transitioning Connor into his crib instead of his swing for bed...we've had him sleeping in his swing to keep him upright due to his reflux. He was up every 2-3 hours..not to eat, just fussed til he got his binki then was ok. Nonetheless it made me tired..and made him after an hour or so of crying and me getting frustrated..I decided that wasn't the type of day I wanted to have! Granted this would have been different if he were still a newborn and days like this were inevitable...but I figured he was old enough to be cheered up!

So we had a dance party..just Connor, me and the dog sorta watched us curiously. We blasted the music in the living room, danced around, smiled and laughed. It was so fun, and crazily enough brightened both of our days! Connor was in a pretty good mood the rest of the day, took a good nap (in my arms) and I was just HAPPY all day. And it carried over into today. I don't know if it gave me a boost of adrenaline, endorphins or WHAT but I am so thankful for the fun job I have of being a mommy!

Most days I don't even put my makeup on, and that's ok! Connor loves me no matter what I look like- how awesome is that?

I found myself reminiscing the past few days about the newborn phase...and how weird it is to have it be over. For example...Connor was the WORST sleeper as you've all read in my many posts on here and Facebook. At least that's what I THOUGHT! Truth is he did really well considering he had colic..and I was just over stressing about getting him into a routine! Babies will get adjusted when they are ready...we can't push them to do anything they're not ready to do! Without much help from me or any tricks, Connor now sleeps through the night...we're talking 7:30 p.m.-6:00 a.m.! And after eating he takes a nap til about 8..then another one from about 10-12 and the afternoons are a bit scattered. But it's AWESOME. It was a hard 4 months..but he's doing SO good!

And feeding him has evolved too...I was DETERMINED to breastfeed and frowned upon mothers who didn't..lame I know..but I did. Well go figure that after 4 months Connor HAD to be supplemented. It made me realize you can only do so much-but in the end it's the baby's needs that matter most! I took a bath last night and used some lavender body wash..totally reminded me of the days right after we came home from the hospital and I would take painful showers/baths...trying to relax..recover...and I'll forever remember how HARD breastfeeding was at first when I smell that body wash. I cried many a time...but it all paid off. I'm thankful he still nurses about 50% of the time!

I miss the little noises he used to make..I remember how the first few days home the only way he'd sleep (and I'd sleep) is if he was on my chest. I'd recline in the couch..turn on the fireplace, get a blanket and snooze with my brand new baby. It was so special to me.

The most incredible moment happened when he was about 5 days old. I was rocking him...and when I looked down at him I was so overcome with love and humility. I couldn't stop myself from crying..tears of joy, and tears of fear that anything should ever happen to this sweet baby in my arms. It's the moment I fell head over heels in love with him! I'll cherish that moment forever.

But the fun is just beginning...he smiles, he giggles, he snuggles, he reaches, he listens, he watches, he understands...and he makes us fall in love with him over and over! I love being a mommy--and how great is it that this cute little man is my son?!

Photo credit: Lauren Casto Photography

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Connor giggling

When did I grow up?

So yesterday as I was unloading the dishwasher and Ben was making dinner I asked him, "Does it ever seem weird that we're grown ups?" He agreed with me, that it's crazy to be on our own, managing our own household, raising a family, doing things our PARENTS did! We are our own family now and it just hits me sometimes how crazy it is that I'm old enough and responsible enough to be in charge! I can't believe I'm a mother and Connor relies on me for his every need!
When I had Connor my sister Desi asked my mom "Is Kirsten still going to act silly and be funny? Or is she going to be boring now?" HA HA! I know what she meant..I remembered being her age and having aunts or cousins have babies and they seemed to get so SERIOUS. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or something...but it just seemed like once they became mothers all the fun was sucked outta them. I really think I have maintained my sense of humor and silliness in spite of the boring mom trait-ha ha!

But you ever feel too young to be so old? I made it through all three hours of church today and ENJOYED it. I'm ashamed to admit I was the teenager always goofing off in Sunday School. I loved Young Women's...but when I graduated and started going to Relief Society...well I didn't love it as much. Especially college ward RS..I hated it! My roomies and I ALWAYS ditched RS...ha ha. But now I guess I'm a grown up-because I love it!

Sometimes reality just strikes and I can't believe I survived the awkwardness of middle school, the rebellion of high school, the craziness of college and some other "big kid" moments somewhere in there. I can't believe I'm a wife and a mother...and when Ben graduates we'll have an even BIGGER adult moment when he gets his first BIG TIME job! I can't wait...but at the same time--I can. I'm going to enjoy this next year to its fullest!

Does anyone else know what I mean?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 Years!

Time really does fly..I cannot believe Ben and I have been married two years already..but at the same time I feel like we've been married forever! Isn't that strange? We celebrated at home, instead of finding a babysitter (I'm not ready for that yet) and paying for restaurant food that's bad for us! We still spent a pretty penny on our dinner but it was SO much tastier. If you don't know, my husband is the BEST cook! He has such a talent with food...I love it! So we had our favorite appetizers throughout the day! Took me back to our dating days..when we had money..and we'd go to nice places often. We started out with some tomato mozzarella with fresh basil and olive oil...MMMMM my fave!
Then we had some sourdough baguettes in olive oil and balsamic vinegar...another MMM MMM good favorite!

We exchanged our gifts..Ben got me a pedometer (we're getting ready to do a 5K then a half marathon in November), a olive oil flask thingy, and these beautiful roses!

I got Ben this BIG Topsy Turvy! We can't wait to grow our own veggies!

Connor enjoyed his booster seat in the kitchen while we cooked and ate...

We had some shrimp cocktail... big jumbo shrimp...MMMMM

More bread...

Sparkling Cider...

And of course, the main event....Chicken Parmesan with red pepper, pesto, provolone...over a bed of fettucini with marinara sauce. WOW!!!

It was the most delicious food! It was so fun having the quiet of our house and our sweet baby boy there with us--it was reality!

Later we played Monopoly which Ben gave me for our anniversary last year..we haven't played it since so we thought we'd make a little tradition of it ha ha.

The past two years have been SO wonderful! I never knew love and happiness like ours existed. I'm so thankful for Ben and his great husband skills..and his fatherly skills. Connor already adores him!

Some things that happened this year are:
~We moved out on our own again after living with family
~We went to Hawaii
~Ben started his Masters program
~I worked for, then quit InfoWest
It was a busy, fun, exciting and wonderful year!
I love you babe! Here's to many, many more!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My handsome prince

My bestie La La came up to Cedar about 2 1/2 weeks ago and did me a HUGE favor! She took some awesome pictures of my handsome little man! She hasn't even been working professionally behind the lens for long, but does SUCH an amazing job! I love her style and her ability to make such a simple shot so beautiful! Check out her photography website: Lauren Casto Photography to see her other work! She has a spring giveaway going on right now too for a free mini session! Become a fan on Facebook HERE and then refer her to your friends to become a fan and be entered for a chance to win the session with a $60 print credit!

And now for your viewing pleasure:

Length: 24 1/4 inches long
Weight: 11 lbs 1 oz (he gained 7 oz in 3 days!!!)
Practically perfect in every way!

I was at the doc today to have his weight checked when I saw a woman come in with her 2 year old and another son who was older, in a wheelchair. I looked at my happy smiling HEALTHY boy and was SO grateful that I was so blessed to have him be just that-HEALTHY. I complain when I don't get enough sleep, or I don't feel good...but how lucky I am to not have REAL worries. I could not ask for more!

As I looked around at my messy house yesterday and my husband ignoring me so he could do homework, and Connor awake in his room crying for me; I was overcome with GRATITUDE that I HAVE somewhere nice to live, a husband who CARES enough to better himself to be a good provider, and a son who LOVES me, and knows I'm here to take care of him and love him ALWAYS!

Don't ever take the small things for granted!

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We spent the weekend in St. George with my family, and had a lot of fun! Saturday night the men went to the Priesthood session and us ladies went to Lady's Night at Deseret Book then to see "The Last Song" complete with free popcorn! It was so much fun!!! Connor had a total blast, talking away at Deseret book and then having a giggle fit that lasted over 3 minutes on the way to the movie! I can't wait to figure out how to upload the video I took with my phone! He's never giggled for that long and I was cracking up! My mom was driving and I happened to sit in back with Connor and I guess he found mommy pretty funny! :-) Those are the BEST moments!

Sunday, we enjoyed watching Conference some more and playing with Connor. My sisters got Easter baskets and the Easter Bunny gave me a few fun things also! Connor got a cute froggie stuffed animal from the EB and a little clacker book from grandma!
It was such a fun day! Connor go to take his first piggy back ride with mommy, and see his grandpa Scott without his mustache for the first time in 28 years!

It was a wonderful holiday, I am so thankful for the Atonement and I know my Savior lives! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday!!!