Thursday, March 24, 2011

If you can't drive nice...dont' drive at all!

You know the funny thing is I was just going to do a blog about honking your horn the other day. I was going to say how I'm the type of person who does, Ben's the type of person who doesn't (usually). Allow me to explain my scary experience today.

Connor and I were headed out to get some shopping done, and unlike other times when I will NOT go to Walmart (I always buy things I don't need) I realized it was going to be a convenient one stop shop. We needed stuff for Connor, the dogs, I needed a coke, had a Redbox to return, and we needed buttermilk. SO...Walmart here we came. We were 65% there when it happened. I always criticize Ben because whenever someone pulls out and stays in the turning lane, he slows down assuming they're going to cut us off. That never happens...I tell him people aren't trying to hit us, they just want to get in the turning lane cuz it's faster than waiting for both ways to be clear. Well...I'll never complain again. Before I go on...worry not. We did not get into an accident. But it was close.

This truck pulled out, I assumed he'd stay in the turning lane because I was going 50 mph...and there's no way anyone is that stupid. OH HE WAS. He cut me off..big time. I honked and had to swerve into the other lane so as not to hit the fool. He started to move over as I did..because of my honk I assume, and almost hit me again because I had already moved over. So now I was REALLY mad but I didn't honk again, just tried to stay calm and not drive like a crazy person. SO eventually he caught up to me. I told myself, "He's not following you, everyone in Cedar goes to Walmart." But I was still nervous. He followed me into the parking lot, and while yes he was going slower than me, after I made several turns and twists I realized he WAS following me...just doing a good job of it. I found a spot and evaded him, and saw him drive right by without noticing me cuz the car next to me was hiding us. I debated on whether or not to sit in the car and wait it out, or just hurry and get out before he doubled back and found me. I decided on the latter. So I'm fumbling fast, and as I'm trying to get Connor out of the back seat, some idiot lady decides she doesn't need to wait for me, so she hits me in the butt with her car door, then proceeds to get her own kids out of her car instead of waiting for me to finish. I said sorry to her, even though she was the stupid one, and she gave me a look like "Yeah....get out of my way". I cold have hit her. I wanted to say "HEY! I'm trying to hurry so the freak who's following me can't come yell at me or beat me up for honking at him!" But I didn't. I just hurried. And once in the store I realized I was shaking so hard I could barely buckle Connor into the shopping cart.

Now the story ends there...nothing happened, nobody found me or keyed my car...but honestly I thought every person in Walmart was the guy who gave me that nasty look and followed me. I was nervous and scared to go back out to my car nearly an hour later. I was ready to get someone to escort me out if needs be.

So...someone please explain what the horn on the car is for....because I thought it was a way of warning people when they were driving stupid..and about to hit you. So why did this guy think he needed to follow me and creep me out when I didn't do anything wrong? I had my speech all prepared if there was a confrontation...I have a baby in the car and I do NOT need to die today because of your impatience!!!! I have had it up to HERE (over my head) with people who drive this way. Cedar is by far worse than even the crazy California drivers. At least they are mildly predictable...but hicktown drivers are HORRID!!! Half the time they are either lost or too senile or YOUNG to know what they are doing!!!

On the upside...Walmart really can be great. And even though I DID spend more than I planned, I got Connor two church outfits (shirt, tie, vest) for $3 a piece, and hit up the big people clothes myself like 5-6 of which was only $1 and the rest were $3. Also got Connor some new shoes for $3 and other wonderful things we've been needing! SCORE! :-)

But really....what would any of you have done in my shoes?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's time...

For that semesterly rant about how busy life is. And this one isn't nearly as bad as the last one. But nonetheless I sort of regret being complacent for the first part of the semester...because things are creeping up on me very quickly! Here's my list of "stuff" to do before I'm in cap and gown this May:

Senior Capstone paper: At least 15 sources from scholarly peer reviewed journals, and the paper cannot exceed 20 pages- which means he wants you to get at least 19 pages ha ha. YUCK!

Persuasion Project Final Paper: 15 pages with at least 10 sources. HATE THIS ONE--but it won't be as bad as the previously mentioned paper.

Social Movement Analysis Paper: Honestly not really sure what this is yet- I need to talk to my teacher- I'm doing this class independently so we haven't covered quite all of it. 4-5 pages.

Persuasion Speech- This is basically done but now I have to practice it and deliver it next week. 8-10 minutes persuading parents to have their children immunized. It's pretty strong I'd say.

Group Speech- We haven't even started...yikes.

Final Paper for Teamwork- It'll be easy, but it's still a paper- 6-7 pages.

Final Paper for History of Utah based on the book "Uranium Frenzy" which I've actually been enjoying.

Then there's the 3 exams I have left- which is NOTHING compared to the 20(or more) I took last semester.

I have 6 weeks to get this all done folks! Let's pray I get it done, and do it well. Last semester I was .5 away from a 4.0! So maybe this will be my golden semester! :-)

Aside from that, Spring Break was good in that we actually rested. Didn't do Spring Cleaning like we thought we would, didn't do the other 20 things on our to do list, and we are only starting to pack for our big move down south that happens in 7-8 weeks.

Life is good, and I think I do best when it's bring it on!

Especially since I have this little guy to make everyday so much more fun!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Burn out

Today was a total hormonally imbalanced day. And not just for me...across the board. Ben said he was trying to find teddy grahams at the store today, and when he couldn't he almost cried. And I had a hard time just getting off the couch to be productive...without wanting to scream. But I was too exhausted to scream. We're under quite a bit of stress with future job and whatnot...and I think we've reached that burnout that hits right before a nice long SPRING BREAK. I just wish we were going somewhere cool....but on the flip side at least we don't have the stress of travel...right? But if I were going'd probably be here:

I love oh love Hawaii....someone please buy me a ticket!!!

On the bright side of was a bright day! We took Connor to the park and he went down slides and giggled on the swing. I love playing with him...he makes even the worst days ok! He had 4 shots today...poor kid. But he is growing nice and strong!


24 pounds 4 oz- 45th percentile (remember when he was in the .5 percentile?...I do, sad day)
31 1/2 inches long - 70th percentile
Head circumference: 19 1/2 inches (I think) and 78th percentile

He did so good at the doctor even though his shots made his leg bleed more than it ever has...

Sometimes I want him to stop growing but each new day is so fun and entertaining!

Just posting this made me happier...thanks blogger.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My last post was sort of a downer...

So I'll write about happy things like rainbows....or just Connor. He pretty much equals all the rainbows and sun beams in the world for me :-)

Tonight after he was ready for bed we played in his room for a little while, and there was one point he was just staring me right in the eyes. He wanted me to push a button to play music, and this didn't register at first, because at first I was SO overwhelmed with love for this little person who I get to spend everyday with! Time goes so fast, and he is growing up SO fast...but those moments make my heart skip a beat and remind me that above all I am a MOM. What an incredible blessing!!!

He is quite a smarty and I'm not afraid to brag a little...

My FAVORITE thing he started doing all by himself is folding his arms for prayers. And he actually is the one to remind me to pray before meals lately. Even if it's just a snack, we say a prayer. Sometimes when he's playing we just say a random prayer. Things like this make me understand why children are our leaders...

He knows how to say "hoootttt" when his food is hot (or even when it's not sometimes ha ha)
He knows the sign language for:
Thank you
All done
I think there are more....but that's what I can remember!
And he can SAY most of those words...
Doggy sounds a lot like daddy but he says it when he does the sign for dog :)
Grandpa sounds like Ba cute
I swear he says something like "I want that" when he reaches for stuff...
He also waves and says "See ya" when we go anywhere...I love it!
He is learning a new sign everyday and I LOVE it! It helps him communicate with me so much better and is contributing to fewer fits! He is happier and feels so big and smart!
He also dances up a storm and has starting stomping his feet back and forth..cracks me up! He also shakes his head which is a funny sight to see :-)

He uses EVERYTHING as a phone. We used to let him play with our phones, but he started doing things like calling now he has to use the mouse for the computer, a sunglasses lens...anything that he can hold to his ear. It's HILARIOUS. He says "HI!" then goes on to have these long conversations we can't understand and sometimes he'll laugh like he just told the funniest joke ever!

He got his second hair cut and this time I had my camera! He is so funny and lucky he ended up with a pretty straight cut thanks to my friend Marilyn!
Here he is a few days before the cut (doing the sign for banana):

Then some of the haircut!

Here he is using his squishy toy as a phone...

I just realized I don't have any after pictures, so I'll take some tomorrow! He is due for a little photo shoot anyway, so mommy can practice....

I really think kids can do no wrong by their parents and no matter what I'll always think he's the greatest thing in the world! Even when he makes me mad he is still my favorite little person! He gives the best matter where you are or what you're doing. And he talks to almost EVERYONE we see at the store. People are always going out of their way to talk back to him and say how funny and talkative he is! It makes a momma proud. :-)

His little brothers and sisters will have to thank him some day for being so wonderful, because he makes me want a hundred kids!!! I'm SO thankful to be his mommy and to know I am his hero, just like he is mine :-)