Monday, April 18, 2011

Home Stretch...

It's the end of all ends. My last semester of college. Last final papers, last final exams...the END.

Things I am NOT going to miss include:

APA 5th or 6th edition. Some teachers are stuck on 5th, others on 6th. Makes it very confusing. Overall I just hate having a "style" for writing. Just read it people!

Pretending I care about parts of my classes that I really don't care about. Yes I love to learn- no I'm not going to read that entire book that is supplemental reading to make it all that much more fun... ahem. No. I'm not.

Spending hours looking at a computer screen..moving documents around on the screen so I can read information, type it in my papers, cite the sources...etc.

Spending hours reading textbooks that make me really want to take long naps.

Getting ready every day just to go to an hour or two of classes then come home and do nothing. I just want to stay in my pj's more...they're so much cooler than school clothes.

Not being able to spend my free time with Connor. I guess I mostly do...but I just can't wait til I don't feel guilty trying to balance it all.

That's basically it. It hasn't been so bad. But I am VERY ready to be done. And check out this awesome announcement I have been planning for months now. I took the pic, Ben designed it. I'm so proud of us and so excited to move on with life!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Today is a day like any other...but I have the blogging itch. I am sitting here studying, listening to Connor babble on in his crib before finally giving into his much needed nap. It just sometimes hits me how incredibly blessed I am.

Today I gave a persuasive speech and did really great. I wasn't nervous- in fact I wasn't even as prepared as I was for my last speech- but it went better. I am no longer terrified of speaking in public--not that I ever was terribly horrified- but now it's just easy. yay.

I just finished reading The Wheels on the Bus to Connor - rather singing it- about 4 times. He sat on my lap and watched me turn the pages and spin the wheels that came on the book...cute book, thanks Grandma Tyrrel! And when I thought we were done, he picked it up and walked back over to my lap and plopped back down. I love those moments when he just wants to be with me and listen to my voice. Toddlers are so so busy...and those moments become more and more rare!

I am realizing how awesome our lives are about to be. They have been pretty great- don't get me wrong, but things are FINALLY falling into place with Ben's job, and I can confidently say that we are going to make it! The other day I was just slammed with this impression of WOW we are SO blessed!!!! Sometimes I don't feel deserving of the wonderful things in my life, but then I remember some of my trials a few years ago and I realize these are the blessings that are being poured out for being faithful in those hard times. I have a great husband who is talented, smart and is an AWESOME father to Connor. I have Connor- which in and of itself is one of the greatest blessings I've EVER been given. I will have a college degree, something I really never planned on early in my life- and a job that I think I will really enjoy- and be able to do alongside of mommyhood. I literally could not ask for more.

I need to brag on my hubs a little bit...I don't think even my mom realizes what a big deal his job is for us. He is going to be CEO of the art competition/gallery. He will be RUNNING it. He has always had jobs where people don't listen to his ideas, but then later realize they were really valuable. Even the program he's been in hasn't used his (or the other students for that matter) talents to their fullest capacity. And now he has a job where he controls all the creativity, organization etc. And the man who is working with him to get it set up, realizes he is SO lucky to have found Ben. We couldn't agree more, as this was SO lucky for us as well!

Those are the things that keep me going when I have long exhausting nights with a teething boy, and boring afternoons spent doing homework. The end is in sight...and I can't WAIT to be there looking back at what an amazing two years it has been!

P.S....isn't Connor so cute with his "Ba Pa"? It's his favorite word to say- probably because he's one of his favorite people in the world! I told my dad he can take Connor camping this summer and he lit up like a Christmas tree...I know he's waited a long time to have a little boy to follow him around. :-)