Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh the fizz...

How come after nearly a month of NOT drinking diet coke I can't stop thinking about it? I made it my resolution to QUIT the fizz...not for a month or a year, but FOREVER. And I have been okay for the most part...not missing the reliance on it too badly, feeling very liberated.

But last night Ben made a big mistake...I was VERY hyper and he said (and I still don't know what they have to do with each other) will you calm down if you have a diet coke??? I stopped in my tracks and seriously considered giving in.

And today I have spent most of the day getting ahead on homework,...and I sort of have the tired headache that used to precede my diet coke of the day. I really REALLY want one.

So now I it stupid to completely cut out the juice of life? I know it's bad for me...but is a little indulgence every now and then really all that bad?

All in favor of me never drinking it again say yay...all in favor of me breaking my streak....say nay. Or something....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

After the post....

A couple of eventful things happened right after I clicked the post button yesterday...

Connor woke up from his nap so I went in to get him and he was NOT in a happy mood. I smelled poop so I started changing him and realized it was pretty much all up his back. So into the tub he went..which REALLY made him mad. He was shivering so I had to turn the water up a bit and let him soak in some nice warm water. He seemed to be happy by when he was all clean I got him out...mad again...and got him dressed which is always quite an ordeal when he's mad and arching his back. So I finally got him dressed in dry fresh clothes...socks and all...then went to change the laundry over. 30 seconds later I hear a little waterfall...then hear him cry. He had grabbed my FULL cup of water to take a drink..and it had gone all down the front of him...drenching the poor kid. Honestly...I laughed. I was sad for him..but the irony of the moment made me laugh!

So onto the NEXT outfit. The poor kid really struggled for the rest of the day..I think he had a tummy ache. But at the end of the day...the moment of complete and utter joy I felt as a mother was indescribable. We always pray with Connor...but this time when I said, "Let's say your prayers", Connor folded his arms all by himself! I wanted to cry...and almost did. Those are the moments that totally make being a mommy the BEST job in the whole world!

Just thought I'd share while the memory was fresh...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Someone finally lit the fire....

Under my butt!!!! I have been SO not in the mood for school this semester. I'm starting the third week today, but it feels like the first week still. I guess that's a good means time has yet again started moving at the speed of light.

It's so hard to get motivated with new classes and different teachers...but I'm hanging in there, and today a school friend of mine and I made a challenge for ourselves. We both have hectic lives, and want to get the mundane assignments out of the way fast. SO we decided the first one to finish our small papers and our final paper for our class gets free drinks for them and their spouse, compliments of the other couple! I've already written 3 papers today...2 more to go and then that final paper will be knocked outta the park! I really needed a little friendly competition to get things moving along! It would be so funny to have it all done by Wednesday when I see him again. He'd probably be mad cuz the competition would be over too fast! has resumed in it's former exciting and busy mode. I'm once again trying to balance my life as a mother with that of wifely duties and student responsibilities. I wish I was a superhero and could go without sleep....I could get so much done so fast!

On that thought, I got to do something heavenly this past weekend....sleep until 10:00!!!!! If you're a mom you know how amazing this is, and if you're not- well....prepare. I was at my parents house and Connor slept in!!! It was AMAZING and I feel so refreshed and motivated for the week!

We started P90X last week and only did 2 1/2 videos cuz we started at a weird time...but this week we are doing it all and I'm so excited! I already feel so much better and a bit skinnier even after the two videos. Can't wait til it's been 90 days and I achieve my goal by graduation!!!

These are my Monday thoughts and rants...
and this is a picture of my beautiful sister on Jr. Prom 2011...

I feel so old. I remember when I was going to dances and she was dancing around wearing her little glasses, looking up at me with total admiration. And now it was her turn to be a pretty princess. I love my sisters...all of them! They are so beautiful and such good examples to me. I can't wait til they are married and we can travel together and have babies together! :-)

Happy Monday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Well hello there officer...

It's 3:20 a.m. and we're all sleeping peacefully in our beds when the doorbell rings and someone keeps knocking on the door...I feel like it must be later in the morning and maybe one of my sisters snuck out and got locked out, or my dad is coming home from work to make us breakfast (which he is currently doing...) but instead it was a kindly police officer. Yeah. That'll worry dad came in and said, "Kirsten wake up. You need to get dressed and come out here." I said, "Did something bad happen?" Immediately thinking of my sisters...not worried about Connor cuz he's fast asleep beside me in his crib. He said, "Something about your car and your laptop being stolen." Oh...ok. First thing I said to Ben, "Well it looks like we'll be getting a Mac Book after all..." I guess I always see the silver lining..ha ha.

Well some hooligans had broken into my car and 4 others...and when I say broke in I mean found the idiots who forget to lock their car and leave things like laptops sitting right on the floor in the front seat under a jacket. The police caught them and found them trying to stash my computer under a tree or a bush of sorts. The cop was returning valuables to people last night and I was relieved to get my laptop back in fine condition.

But really...who steals? It's lame. And you'll probably get don't bother. Poor schmucks have a record now, for being stupid! But I'm relieved I didn't have to wake up this morning to find my computer missing...that would have sucked. For once I'm very thankful for the large number of police officers working in St. George. They catch bad guys!

And I'm really thankful to be posting this blog from my lovely laptop, missing the shift key and all, thanks to Connor boy. :-)


Friday, January 14, 2011

Now's as good a time as any...

We were a little apprehensive about telling everyone we know about our exciting news...and no we're not pregnant...for fear that it would "jinx" it somehow. But Ben said, "Why WOULDN'T we wanna tell people? If we don't it just says we don't believe in it and it'll fail." So......

We got a JOB!!!! Read on if you're interested in our upcoming adventure... dad works with a guy, and when I say he "works" with him, his company is sponsoring him because he's invented a new energy saving technology. That's a whole story in and of itself. But this same guy wants to buy a company from his grandpa, it's called "--". It's an art competition that will start back up next year. I don't want to give too many details as this blogosphere is quite open to the public...but basically we will be running it. He will be fronting the cost and making most of the money...but we will be RUNNING IT. As in Ben will be like the Director/Curator for the museum and I will be his assistant and Director of Special Events. I'll probably also be the gallery manager and Ben will do most of the development and corporate mumbo jumbo. June, after we've graduated, we will have an INCOME. We will be able to LIVE IN ST. GEORGE!!! My dream has always been for some sort of arts organization to form in St. George so I can live by my family and Ben can pursue his dreams and goals. Well...dream come true!

We are ecstatic, feel incredibly blessed, and we're counting down the days til graduation and the next adventure of our lives!

After becoming unemployed 6 months after marriage and living with parents, then being on a student budget...we were ready for our ship to come in. And as luck would have's a gigantic ship full of adventure, excitement and ART! :-)

So yay us...and yay for dreams coming true!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh boy...

I have to blog before I forget or get too busy. Connor is changing SO much and is becoming a world class clown!

Connor reads to himself..big time. He used to at least just play with books and sorta mumble to himself. Now he flips the pages, and talks. He's speaking baby of course...but he is literally reading these books to himself. I LOVE it! I have always been worried..what if I don't read to him enough? Am I a good teacher for my kid? Now I know I've done at least enough for him to know what reading IS! I am such a proud momma...and I giggle every time he picks up a book!

He has learned the art of imitation..not just with "reading" but with our words. He's starting to copy us. He copies me when I "pretend laugh" when talking on his fake phone. He copies me if I ever say anything funny that involves my tongue...hard to explain but he flaps his tongue around to copy me! It's time to start REALLY watching what we say and do!

He has said his first official words...I'm going to say that "Hi" is his first one, but he's been saying mama daddy and puppy for a while..just not sure when he associated it with us.

He's going to be a singer. No doubt about it. He sings to himself all the time. He dances to his own singing! He copies my tunes almost exactly sometimes...yes I'm proud. SO proud!

He keeps everyone at church and wherever we go laughing. He acts so silly, and even when he throws fits people can't help but laugh. He is SUCH a drama-...king?

He fake cries...fake coughs...and is learning more "fake" stuff every day. He just started throwing these fake fits yesterday...we hate it but I know someday we'll look back and laugh!

When he wakes up from naps or bedtime he doesn't just ease into wakefulness. He starts out with a full on babble fest. It cracks me up every time!

He knows when he's doing something naughty. Totally looks at us with that "Are you watching me?"'s hard to get "mad" at him!

He loves to give Figaro "loves". He wraps his arms around his neck and lays his head on Figaro''s the sweetest thing ever. He'll be so sweet when he has a little brother or sister someday.

He has a funny love for scarves and anything he can drape around his neck! He started this when we were on our cruise and he stayed at my parent's house. He grabbed a scarf and put it on, around the back of his neck. And just crawled on...and when he got home he did it with the kitchen towel until I found a scarf for him! SO funny!

He sometimes makes faces that sort of embarrass me. Like I think they're cute..but when we're in public and he scrunches his nose and makes a funny face to people who we don't know... I hope they don't think his face is stuck that way. I know this is silly...but honestly sometimes I get embarrassed! And I realize how innocent children truly are...and how tainted we become as we get older. I wish I could make faces at people, stare at them, fart in front of them and not care one bit! He's such a wonderful example of innocence and pure love!

My little boy is growing up so fast...and I love every day I spend with him!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I did it..started a photography blog. Nothing fancy yet...just wanted a place to post pics for people to preview their sessions! Enjoy...

Kirsten's Clicks