Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Busy Bees!

It makes it hard to breathe when I think about everything that is going on in the next 6 weeks...I have to remember it comes one day at a time!...My mom gets overwhelmed when I spout off my "to do" list, and tells me to stop being so stressed. Mom- I'm not stressed....yet. This semester has gone by so fast it blows my mind...and I can't help but thinking if I were to blink I'd be on my cruise with finals behind me when I open my eyes! Thank heavens that won't happen....

So read if you want...if not, don't.

This weekend- ward Halloween party and studying for 4 exams, and working on a paper.
Next week- parties and more parties- 4 exams, paper due, more assignments...and HALLOWEEN!!!
November 1-2nd- I'm getting my hairs did by the lovely Kensey Sharp, then working for about 16 hours on the second as a poll worker for voting day!
November 12-13th: Great Grandma's 90th birthday party time!
November 18th-19th: Going to Salt Lake with Ben for a work thing- going to go see Drowsy Chaperone and visit with my sis Ashlee at BYU!
November 24th- STUDY DAY
November 25th- THANKSGIVING!
November 26th- Ben's grandparent's 60th anniversary in Arizona...
December 1st- Connor's FIRST Birthday!!! and I'm helping with the President's Gala and the Oakridge Boys concert for my event management class...
December 4th- Connor's PARTY!!!
December 6-10th: FINALS

Granted this is not all happening in one week...but are you tired reading that list? I am...
And I'll have school projects in the midst of all that...I really hope it all falls into place!

By the way---I am SO happy. We all are. We are so blessed...we get to go to Institute and have that little break once a mom helps us out SO much watching Connor once a week! We love having her in our house. Connor loves her so much!

Being busy really motivates me to do MORE and be a good mommy, wife and friend!


In other news....CONNOR HAS A TOOTH!!!! When did he grow up? I have no idea how that happened....

As evidenced by these photos we DO have time for fun!!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Going Private

I mentioned this at the bottom of my last post- but I thought I'd post again to give whoever wants an invite a chance to give me your email address! I'll go private by next weekend. If you already posted your email address on the post below, don't worry about doing so again! I'll get ya!

Thanks guys!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yeah, I am. I'm sickened by the response to Elder Boyd K. Packer's talk during conference. I shouldn't even look at the comments on Facebook pages that support him, there are so many negative remarks, and it really makes me sick at what some people dare to say about him. Even if they don't believe he has the gift of divine revelation, do they really have to be so harsh to him? How can they accuse him of being a hateful man when their comments are far worse than his were?

I'm really sick to my stomach about the world I have to raise my children in. I'm in mother bear mode, not wanting my little Connor and future babies to be exposed to ANY of the horrific things that are going on in these turbulent times. I don't know if any of my readers are not members of the LDS faith, but I find that its teachings are so wonderful and safe for my children. By living the teachings of the church I can safeguard my home against these outside influences, and raise faithful, strong children.

I have close friends who struggle with homosexuality, and I feel for them. I understand what it is like to suffer from an addiction or temptation that seems so natural. I hope that in light of all of this controversy we can remain close is getting harder and harder to have different opinions and agree to disagree.

I feel sick still...and I know that many of you have uplifting advice or tips on how you get through this life in spite of the adversary's growing leave a comment. Tell me how you feel, and what you are doing to protect your family.

Oh and P.S..I'm going private. No more people I don't know will be looking at my blog..scares me!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Benny!

Yesterday was my honey's 29th Birthday! As Lucy Ricardo said "It's my last birthday!" when speaking of her 29th. It's so funny to me that in one more year I'll be married to a man in his 30's! I can still remember when my parents were that young!!! Oh man...and then I realized that in 8 more months I'll be 26. YIKES! 25 I'm ok with...26??? NO THANKS!!! was BEN'S birthday, not mine. It was a really odd day, Ben was under a lot of stress and spent the day at home. I won't go into many details, but he wasn't feeling well and it really wasn't a great day for him. I tried to make it as special as I could...I got him some new shoes and socks, a squishy "stress"ball, and a new sound bar for our TV so we can hear it better when Connor is asleep and we have to turn the volume down!! We can also listen to music through Pandora on our Blu Ray now when the screen is off which is really nice!

We had a nice Cafe Rio lunch which kept us full all day, and my mom sent Ben some carrot cake cupcakes in the mail which constituted as his birthday cake. It was maybe a simple lame birthday, but we did the best we could with what was already a crappy day! We did go to dinner on Friday night at Sulli's Steakhouse and had Prime Rib dinners! Our starving student card had a Buy One Get One Free punch on it...LOVE discounts! Connor squealed the whole time...people around us laughed, and the waitresses were so sweet to him! He ate his puffs and daddy gave him some of his baked potato and roll. I love that we are family of three!!!

Ben is such a good father, husband and man. I'm so happy to be married to him and so proud to call him mine. He is busting his butt right now in school, and I can't believe how hard his school work is. He cares so deeply about his education and future career, and is doing the very best he can! He has also made a really big sacrifice to stay at home with Connor 18 hours a week so I can finish my degree. I appreciate it more than he will ever know!!! He's always so encouraging of my goals and aspirations. He pushes me to do my best, and supports me in all I do. He is my shoulder to cry on and knows the right moment to hug me when I am feeling overwhelmed. He is my best friend, and I've never known anyone as sensitive, caring, selfless and genuine as he is. He's loyal, honest, and someone I'm SO happy I get to spend eternity with!

Happy Birthday my love! I hope it's a good year full of success and adventure!!!


To begin, here are some fun family pictures we had taken by my BFF Lauren in August!

WE LOVE this face he makes!!! He he...
Yep, we're officially an SUU family. Connor

I feel so behind on blogging. Things are so busy at our house, that it is now a luxury instead of part of my routine to blog. But I haven't posted anything about Connor's progress in a while. Mostly I was waiting to get our family pictures back so I'd have some to post of Connor man. But that's a lame I hope I can remember everything..

Connor's first tooth is making it's way through! We can see a little white bump, it'll be here any day!

Connor usually makes a new step in life at the first of every month. It's like he knows that he is a whole month older and has to do something new! Nine months didn't bring anything majorly new. He started finally getting into crawling stance instead of just army crawling, but he still prefers his army crawl on our wood floors...he can slide a lot faster! :) At his doctors appointment he weighed 18 pounds 5 ounces, and was about 28 inches long. He's growing at a steady rate and is finally not in the smallest percentile! He loves his veggies still a LOT more than his fruits, but he is finally eating his pears without me having to hide them in his rice cereal every time! Somewhere in the past few weeks he has adopted this SQUEAL. It is ear piercing, makes your ears ring, and is IMPOSSIBLE to stop. I've tried getting "mad" at him, but he thinks it's funny and just squeals again! Mostly he does it when he's in his high chair and he runs out of "puffs" he alerts mommy and daddy to refill his tray. Which reminds me, at about 9 months I started giving him gerber graduate puffs to feed to himself. He loves it and feels so big when he can feed himself! We're also starting to give him little pieces of bread and his daddy loves letting him suck on lemons and mean! I will say, however, that Connor seems to enjoy the limes, even though his face turns inside out, he'll reach for the wedge and feed it to himself. He cracks me up!

He also does patty cake on cue now, and has started waving bye bye and hi!

Something major that happened when he was 9 1/2 months old is he started standing in his crib!!! I knew it was coming when I went in there and he'd be kneeling by the side, but before we had a chance to lower the crib, he was full on standing, about to topple over the edge. Before I even had Connor, the moment I looked forward to most was the time when I'd walk into his room and he'd be standing in his crib, smiling at me. When that moment finally came I could have exploded with joy! MY BABY!!! I love him SOOOO much, and he melts my heart with everything he does! We went through a week or so when he didn't want to take naps because he was so excited about the fact that he could walk around in his crib and reach toys that mommy and daddy hadn't moved that were right outside the crib. It was a long week......but he's finally napping again!Something I hope he does for a lot longer is give me big sloppy kisses!!! They are the BEST!

At about 10 months Connor started pulling himself up so he could start scaling the furniture and little objects around the house. He likes to pull himself onto small things and crawl all over them. He loves to play with his car seat, he'll climb halfway in and rock in it on his tummy. He pushes that thing all over the place until it gets stuck and won't rock. Then he moves on!!! He is SO busy and we laugh a lot watching the silly things he does and the situations he gets himself into! He falls a lot, but never cries or even whines, he just gets back up and tries again!

The biggest moment was a few days ago, when he stood all by himself for the first time! He likes to stand up at his bouncy chair toy, I think he finds it cool that he can play with the toys on it, but not be stuck, he can walk around it...anyway...he was holding onto it with one arm, and I could tell he wanted to step forward. I saw his little hand start shaking a little, trying to let go and find his balance. He finally stood there for a few seconds without holding on to anything, and then fell forward. IT WAS SO EXCITING!!! For those few seconds we just held our breath and then lurched forward to catch him when he fell. We didn't make it to him in time, but again, he didn't cry. Just kept playing!

Connor's personality emerges more and more everyday. I'm noticing that so far he is a wonderful blend of Ben and I both. He is mellow, easygoing and sweet like Ben, but he is hyper and giggly and silly like his mommy! We laugh together a LOT more than I'd expected to laugh with him being this young. Sometimes he even farts and lets out a little laugh like, "hey mommy did you hear that?" ha ha....kills me! He's smart, funny, adorable, and a total sweetheart. I'm so proud to be his mommy, especially when people everywhere we go comment on how beautiful and funny he is! Yesterday at WalMart he was doing his squeal noise..because mommy forgot to bring a binki. I was frazzled, and could NOT keep him from doing it. I looked around me expecting people to be annoyed at the noise, but what I saw was a lot of people smiling, laughing and giving me encouraging looks. I'm officially THAT mom..haha...but I love it!!!

Congrats if you made it through all of that--this is my only journal and the way I remember everything that is happening to us!