Friday, April 17, 2009


Ok this is NOT an April Fool's joke! Let me tell you about our chain of events the past couple of days...

First of all the excitement that Ben got into school was AWESOME. He got his acceptance letter the other day and I was SO proud of him to hear how great they found Ben to be, and the reasons they had accepted him. I cried I was so proud.

Then yesterday I thought my cat Zzyzx had been mangled by a coyote, and found 12 hours later that she was ALIVE. I was SO relieved! I had cried SO hard!!!

Today we dealt with the people we are having that issue with regarding the deposit we put down on the townhouse in Cedar. After them stressing us out and sending a letter demanding payment for all these stupid things, we saw our lawyer, family friend Shawn. He wrote them a letter of demand and helped us realize what our rights are...we're totally getting our money back! PHEW...

We got back from California today and Ben checked his email to find a job offer from Utah Shakespearean for the whole summer! The pay is for part time, but it is a lot better than our current situation! We were stoked that things were really looking up!!!

WELL the icing on the cake of good fortune just came in the form of a phone call from HAWAII. Seriously. No joke. They just called and said they want a face to face interview with Ben on April 28th. They didn't mention if the flight would be covered or anything...but if Ben were to get this job we'd be making over $100,000 a year. IN HAWAII!!!! So I looked up flights for those days and they are REALLY cheap. I think we're going to go...just to see...just to get a feel for it...wouldn't YOU?!

So now the question is, (and we DO need some advice): Do we go along as planned and go to school for this GREAT program??? Or do we move to Hawaii for a year, hope to extend the school offer and make a lot of money? Work experience or schooling? UGH!!! ANSWER US! We are DEAD serious!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Benny's Bling

In December of 2007 I thought it'd be fun to surprise Ben with his own "engagement ring".  He had joked that it's  not fair that guys know a girl is off the market, but girls have no idea the guy is engaged.  So I bought this Tungsten ring at Mervyn's for REALLY cheap.  Since we ended up being so poor by the time our wedding rolled around, it ended up being his wedding ring. He was just fine with that idea, and never cared to have another.  WELL...yesterday we were talking about jewelry and we decided to take my old ring to a jewelry store to see how much trade in we could get.  It was worth more on trade than at a pawn shop, so we traded it in for a new wedding band for BEN!  He deserved it I think, and what better timing than for our one year anniversary! I didn't like the ring at first, I had my heart set on another one that had sapphires in it, but the trade had to be diamonds for diamonds.  We were talking to the jeweler's for a long time...they got to know us quite well.  The guy who was selling to us was REALLY excited to find out Ben sings opera, and asked him to be in his short film! I might even be in it too, singing a duet with Ben.  This guy was seriously ready to hop across the counter and hug Ben, he was in AWE of him.  Ha ha ha...and he didn't even hear him sing a single note! Just hearing he had gotten into Indiana University, the top Opera program in the US, and that he had worked in an opera setting was enough for this guy.  He was really funny and nice.  

Anyway, we told these people the story of how we met and our long distance relationship and all that, and they were so nice, they said "Oh you guys were just so DESTINED to be together! And you're SO cute together!" That was enough for me...I bought Ben the ring after telling them how amazing he is and how cute our anniversary surprise was.  He deserves it more than anyone!  

So without further ado...check out Ben's new BLING...

I was so happy after he got it!  I felt like I had just gotten a new ring.  I know he was so stoked to have a nice ring.  And it didn't cost us much at ALL. So YAY for that! :) 

So there you have it, in one night my husband got a new ring, and a movie offer! We better be getting some autograph's before he makes it into the big time! Ha ha ha...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Anniversary Surprise!

I knew Ben had something up his sleeve for our anniversary, I just didn't know where, what or when! Yesterday we went to a missionary farewell for our dear friends, OJ and Maxine Peck. They are going on their mission at the end of this month! Then we came home for a yummy Easter Lunch, Ham, Funeral potatoes, veggies, watermelon and croissants. It was SO good. Right after Ben finished eating he got up and said, "ok I'll be back to get you in an hour or so!" So I packed our bag for one night, got his Easter/Anniversary present ready and he came and whisked me away! He gave me a REALLY sweet Anniversary card in the car that said "I love our love story" it was perfect! At the end of the card it said "Put the blindfold on and prepare to be spoiled!" YAY!

So we drove around for what seemed like forever...and when I got out of the car I took my blindfold off, and we were HERE!:

Yep, Ben took me to a Bed and Breakfast in SG! It was SOOO fun! I have always wanted to stay in one and I was really excited, but sorta nervous at the same time! Like would I have to talk to people? Were our rooms really close together? I had a lot of misconceptions about B&B's. But when I walked in our room the "William Suite"...

This is what I was surprised to see!

Ok BUT at first I have to tell you, Ben had me a little bit stressed out. When we walked in the door there was a hallway with a little bench seat. It looked like the room sorta ended at the end of the hall. He told me the bench seat pulled out and that was our bed...and I almost believed him! I didn't WANT it to be true, but I had NEVER been to a B&B and we're POOR so maybe this was all we could afford! So he literally started pulling it out and I almost cried. I was about ready to tell him to take me home! hahaha...then he told me the truth. But check out the stupid bench seat that really IS a little bed! sweet perfect husband had the following things in our room:
My Easter/Anniversary basket! He gave me the new Monopoly game that you play with a debit card! SO fun! And a large re-usable water bottle since I always have cups all over the house, a little Squirmie toy that we saw in Vegas and I SWORE did not have a string attached to it ( it does!), bubble bath, my favorite gum in 4 flavors, and one of those cool head tickler things you can get at Bed Bath and Beyond. Thanks honey!
Then there was the cake and flowers sitting on the little table in the corner. Since my mom waited about a month to freeze our ACTUAL cake top, we figured it wasn't safe and Ben ordered the same exact cake from the Lin's bakery! They even did the same design around the side of the cake! Ben didn't want the icing roses on top, but he got them anyway. The flowers had a few of my favorite- daisies!!!

And just when I thought the presents were done...
I walked into the bathroom to find not only the kind of tub I've ALWAYS wanted to bathe in...
That sweet little book holder resting on the tub! I've wanted one for a while now, as I LOVE to read in the bath tub! Also, there was a Mary Higgins Clark book, which I had already read, but Ben remembered my favorite author! So sweet!

This is the only part of the room I didn't like...
How intense is this toilet?! I had to pull the chain to flush! It was SO loud and terrified me, so many times Ben had to flush FOR me. Sorry honey...

Ben opened his Easter/Anniversary basket...
He got a new shirt wrapped around his basket, some candy, shampoo, hair gel, and a few other things I won't mention ;). I felt like a loser having gotten him so little, but I guess we couldn't have afforded to BOTH be spoiled! Next year will be HIS year!

It was all in all a REALLY fun time. We ate cake, played Monopoly, watched Made of Honor, I had a bubble bath, and we just enjoyed the peace and quiet of being ALONE for the first time in months! I felt so special knowing Ben had cared so much to make things so nice for us! He's the best husband I could have EVER dreamed of!
Oh, and here he is posing in his new shirt, since he blended with the blue wall! haha

Thank you Benny Boo! I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

One Year!!!

Today is our One Year Anniversary!!! We are so excited to celebrate our day today, especially on Easter! :)  It's been a big year- full of challenges and wonderful times! We've been blessed to do a lot of things in our first year.  First, our amazing honeymoon to Grand Cayman was heavenly, never had to check the time...had a view of the was awesome.  Then we of course enjoyed living in SoCal for a little while, with the fun of being able to go to the ocean or to Disneyland anytime! And before Ben's company closed we got to dress up every few months to go to the Opera! Even though it's been hard at times to live with my family without jobs or anything to do- it impresses me that Ben and I haven't really gotten sick of each other! We spend every waking minute together, and I couldn't love him more! 
Ben and I have known from the start we were going to be together forever.  The night we met and exchanged phone numbers, I saved him in my phone as "Ben Hubby"!!! It hasn't changed since. 

I thought it'd be fun to point out a few of the things we've learned about each other in this year of marital bliss:

1. Ben and I HATE each other's driving.  HATE it! He feels like we're going to die whenever I drive, and I feel like I'm NEVER going to get places when he drives.  He's still getting used to the fact that Utah drivers drive a lot SLOWER than California drivers, so he'll wait at a stop sign 10X as long as a regular person! I've learned just to laugh it off now, rather than get frustrated.  I'd rather be safe with his slow driving than have him be reckless I guess...:-)

2. Ben can NEVER work from home. Anytime he decides to sit down at the computer to be productive, like work on someone's website for example, I suddenly feel the need for attention.  I could be perfectly content one minute, but the second I feel like he's busy I'm magnetically drawn to him! He gets SO frustrated, but never really shows it! :)
3.  We receive our best revelation in the Temple together.  We haven't been great at going a lot which is sad considering we don't have much else to do...but when we went last a lot of our fears and concerns were comforted and we knew which direction to turn! I've learned the importance of trusting Ben and his Priesthood power. 

4.  We are polar opposites when it comes to sleep schedules.  I have a lot of energy at night and want to play and be silly and talk a lot...but when it comes to the morning DO NOT BUG ME. Ben is just the opposite. He doesn't understand how I am so awake at night, he's struggling to stay awake! And in the mornings it's all he can do to lay still while I still sleep. I counted his yawns the other day...16 of them in about 10 minutes.  He's learned it's best just to get out of bed and let me sleep.  Ha ha ha...

5. We are just as perfect for each other as we thought we were a year ago.  We think alike, we crack each other up, and when we cuddle I feel like we just started dating all over again.  I have so much love for Ben, and when he tickles my back at night or holds me in his arms I feel how much he loves me too!  When I sing with Ben it makes me so grateful I found someone who shares the same passions as I do.  We made a recording yesterday for my grandma and when I listened to it I was so struck by how blessed we are to have found one another! 
There are probably lots more things I could write about, but those are the ones that stand out in my mind! :)

Here's to one year, and many more to come!!! I love you Benny Boo! 

One year later, and wiser too! :-)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to the mailbox...

Hi all!  This is Ben.  The funniest thing happened to me on the way to the mailbox the other day...

So on the street that we live, there are some young kids that roam the neighborhood.  They are only like 4 or 5 years old, and I don't know why any parent would let their kid that age run around free in the street unsupervised?!  (That's Utah for ya).  In an effort to fill my days with something to do, I started checking the mail everyday.  On my trips down the street, the little neighborhood hooligans say "Hi" to me everyday.  I hate talking to people I do not know, let alone annoying little kids that pop out from behind bushes just to say "Hi".  (Again, that's Utah for ya).

This last Tuesday, I was taking my daily jaunt to the mail box, just minding my own business, trying to ignore the annoying little kids playing in the yard, when the ring leader had to open his little trap:

Annoying little boy:  "Hi!"

Me:  "Hi"

Annoying little twit (same boy):  "My friend Garrett thinks you're fat!"

Me:  "WHAT!!!!"

Annoying little turd:  "My friend Garrett thinks you're fat!!!"

Me:  "Well at least I'm not ugly."

THAT'S RIGHT!!!  I called a 4 year old ugly!  I didn't really mean to say just kinda slipped out.  I suppose I could have said something worse.  But in my defense, the little kid was kinda ugly.  He resembled Dopey from Snow White, and throw on a horrified look on his got an ugly kid.  

The best part of it all, the little tattler's dad was in the garage across the street, heard his son call me fat, and called him home in the way only an embarrassed parent can.

But here's the deal...I can't go to the mailbox anymore.  I am scared.  WHY AM I SCARED OF A LITTLE KID!?  I was going to try to get the mail today, but I felt like throwing up.  I don't want to subject myself to the bully on 1250 West.  Just you wait Garrett!  I'll get you back!!! ....someday....  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009



So I'll tell you the chain of events.  Ben was supposed to hear on April 1st, and obviously he didn't.  He tried emailing and was told that he should know at the very latest, Tuesday. That was yesterday. No info! UGHHH! So Ben tossed and turned and had nightmares that he didn't get into the program.  We've been going to the library and such to check our emails and everything so we'd know if he got any info.  It was so SO frustrating! 

So today right before we ate lunch Ben emailed again (our internet is back).  We ate lunch and Ben was mentioning how if he doesn't get into this program he's gonna need to get on some meds...cuz he'll be a crazy person.  Can't blame him after 5 months of being unemployed, with no calls for interviews or anything! And I KNOW he's this amazingly qualified person- but the arts just are NOT hiring right now. Like everyone else obviously.  

So I was on the phone with my dad when I saw Ben's phone start to ring. It was a Cedar City number! I yelled for Ben to come and answer it and he looked sick and nervous! haha. So I waited till he was almost off the phone and tried to read his expression. I was SO scared!

So he hung up and told me "I GOT IN!" I jumped up and down and almost peed my pants!  In case you don't understand how amazing this is for us, let me just fill you in:

1. The MFA (Masters in Fine Arts Administration) program is SUU's ONLY terminal degree! Meaning in the Arts Admin world, it is the equivalent of a PHD! 

2. 35 people applied this year.  Usually 5-6 get in. This year Ben was one of FOUR PEOPLE!!!  (due to budget cuts)
3.  This program pays for Ben's tuition! It is a Work Study program, so he doesn't pay tuition, and he actually gets PAID about $8,000 per year for his work!

4.  At the end of the 2 year program, one of his graduation requirements is a summer internship!!! Some of the places he wants to go are the Sydney Opera House, or an Opera Festival in Europe! 

5.  The application process was rough! He had to interview with the Director  of the department, and the Dean of the Music department.  He had to get three letters of recommendation, letter of intent, and resume.  If any of you ever want an amazing resume to help you build yours, ask and I'll show you Ben's. It's AMAZING. I'd hire him any day for any job!

6.  After completion of the program his earning potential will be at least double what it would be if he were to just work his way up!  He will qualify for Director and Management jobs within opera, musical theater and many other departments of the arts! 

I am SO proud of my husband! He's been so diligent.  We have had our faith tested a LOT these past few months but truly feel that the Lord has His hand in our lives.  We know no matter what we do, we will be watched over and protected!  We feel that things are finally falling into place and we will prosper from here on out!!!

YAY! We're moving to Cedar!!!! GO THUNDERBIRDS!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

No internet!!!

UGH so we have been going crazy. Our internet got cancelled on accident with mix ups regarding the phone lines...and anyway we haven't had internet for about 4 days! So I'm at my dad's office catching up! Nothing really new with us- just SUPER bugged that SUU still hasn't let Ben know their final decision! I have an almost job offer and I have no idea if I should take it!! Life is so weird....can't wait to figure out where we are going to end up!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some of you guessed it...

I'm SORRY to everyone who believed me...but APRIL FOOLS!!! Ben and I are NOT moving to Hawaii anytime soon! :) I will admit though-the story is very believable because it's half way true. Ben DID apply for a job at the museum, and we DID look into that condo in Oahu. We even emailed the owners. But we're still in the phase way in H$%^ will they hire Ben. But you never EVER know! We didn't hear from school today...SO lame. SUU and Cedar as a whole are VERY inefficient! So if Ben for some reason does NOT get into the program, I'll admit we will do everything we can just to move there and get random jobs. Bank of Hawaii and the Hyatt have a LOT of job openings! :) SORRY again to everyone who was fooled! I couldn't go with the fake pregnancy thing...because I really AM prego. Oh man...did you fall for that? jk... But really, it's the oldest one in the book! SUCKERS!!!!


AHHHH!!!! So Ben was supposed to find out for sure today about grad school...but another exciting thing happened INSTEAD! Ben got a call last night around 8:00 p.m. Guess where from? Hawaii! It was a little late in the evening for us but only 4 or 5 in the evening there. We didn't really mention this to anyone because in all honesty we didn't think Ben had a chance in H$%# of it working out. But he found a job a few weeks ago for the Hawaii State Art Museum, working as a consultant for their monthly concerts/performances. It is a year long contract, in which he does a performance per month! He had to put together a REALLY long proposal, ended up being like 15-18 pages long. He worked on it for a few days, and I had to leave him alone. We started looking at housing there and realized the prices are VERY similar to Costa Mesa. We thought we were just being dumb, and had nothing to lose. But about a week and a half later, they called him! We still kept it under wraps because we figured they probably called everyone. But they scheduled a phone interview, and Ben thought it went really well-- but again, like they'd hire HIM! So another week went by and we weren't even really thinking about it. But last night he got the call, and they said "We are almost positive we are going to offer you the position, but we would like a face to face first, maybe with some of your marketing and graphic design materials. We can throw around a few ideas and see if you would be a good fit." SO after PEEING MY PANTS...We decided to go for it! The company is flying us BOTH out there for on Thursday for a couple of days! We are probably just going to stay with some of Ben's friends instead of spending money on a hotel. I'm SO stoked! We still won't hear about school til later today...and Ben isn't sure which he'd rather do- because school opens up a lot of doors and this is only a year contract. But at the same time- it's HAWAII!!!! Ben lived there for 3 years and has always wanted to go back- so perfect opportunity! OH MY. What would you guys DO??? I'm singing " I wanna go to Hawaii...where the soft winds sway...." ALL the time! are a few pictures of the museum, a place we found to rent, and other fun Hawaii pics. HOORAY!!!


Hanauma Bay

Chinaman's Hat!

Bedroom at condo

living area (way small)

The lanai with a view of the ocean!