Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today was a little rougher than yesterday on the diet trail! Ben and I were watching our introduction movie (a little late-yes) and I finally got an answer to one of my questions. When you begin the diet you answer a bunch of questions to figure out what body type you are. Then you total how many of each section you answered by circling them in new columns. We never did anything with column six- which confused me because I had circled a lot in there. Well today I found out that if you circle three or more in that column- you are hypoglycemic. I circled ALL eight. Wow. So yes...this explains why yesterday when my whole fam ate pizza I couldn't resist scraping the toppings off and eating it as fast as possible. It explains why I get REALLY cranky before meal time. It explains why I gained weight in the first place. I've always sort of know I had this problem- but seeing how severe it was and what effects it can have really opened my eyes. I get to make some adjustments to my diet so that I don't" act like a dog who found a fresh steak". I have always been a cheater on diets. Even if it's just a LITTLE. And now I know why. My blood sugar is a LOT lower than the average person's. And guess what else? This can lead to diabetes...which runs in my fam. All the more reason to stay on a diet. A lot of health problems dissappear when you are healthy! :)

But props to Ben...he didn't cheat AT ALL. In spite of the freshly baked bread made from scratch, the brownies with chocolate frosting and whole pepperoni pizza...he stayed strong! Probably because this diet is a LOT like gluten free....and he's done that for much longer than six weeks before. I'm just glad he supports me and doesn't judge me when I falter. I don't want to hide behind my hypoglycemia...but I'm glad I have an explanation as to why I cannot starve myself like this!

Oh and side note--yesterday the reason I ate the pizza is because 5 minutes beforehand, I found out my total calories for the day only came to about 700...and I had burned 300 on the treadmill. That's SO little calories! So I felt starved and wanted more calories. Hahaha...

Progress so far- Ben has lost 5 pounds in just 2 days! Probably a lot of it is water weight..but still.
I have lost 2.5 pounds so far. Go figure. But I did weigh a lot later in the day today than yesterday. So it's probably more because I DID drink 150+ ounces of WATER today! WAY more than I used to drink. The diet reccomends 100, but I had already finished that this afternoon and was still thirsty! YAY for water!

Anyway- that's how we are on day TWO of this horrid experience. Hopefully I don't have diet dreams tonight. Last night I had a lot- fat naked people with body type letters hanging around their necks. Oh boy.

Goodnight everyone!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dieting... is day one of mine and Ben's NEW diet! I've tried it before but when I went through some things I sort of discarded it...and now we're trying it together! I can't wait to look like the awesome girl in the picture!!! Ha ha ha. It's a six week diet, but it also comes with a six day mini diet, in which you're supposed to lose a whole pant size in six days. It's not SUPER intense like cabbage soup...YUCK...but it's very straightforward. Ben and I have different body types so are on similar but different diets...If you want to check it out for yourself go here.

So far today I have had 3 egg whites, 1/2 cup of mixed berries (this is basically 2 strawberries, 3 raspberries and 2 blackberries...) 3 oz of turkey, and a cup of fresh greens. I made little turkey spinach wraps...yum.

So far today Ben has had 4 oz turkey, 1/2 cup mixed berries, 4 oz of tuna (which is sad because he HATES fish) and 1 cup greens. I made him a spinach tuna salad...and he's strugglin. Sadly he mostly eats fish on this diet ...and I love fish but I have to stick to chicken and turkey.

It's sorta intense the first 6 days, but after this we are switching to the moderate 6 week diet. It'll have a bit more variety! But it guarantees you will lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks or you get your money back! And since that's all the weight I need to lose...and it'd be off by my birthday- I'm on board! I'm gonna keep a little daily log... or every couple of days- depends on how bored I get. We'll see how we do! :)


Friday, March 20, 2009

Lately...I've been thinking...

One would think that with all my free time I'd be a blogging fool...but it's not the case. We've actually been a little busier the past few weeks, I don't know how I ever had time for a job! :)

Our travels started about a month ago or so when we went with Wes to California! We drove down and stayed with Ben's parents, went to Disneyland and then to LA to see this show: 

She's sorta raunchy at times but SO funny...and lets face it--right up my alley.  Check out THIS clip--it's my favorite! She seemed a bit hung over and drab that day, but we go to see her interview Neal McDunough from Desperate Housewives...
and TI-the rapper. I don't really know him but I guess to some that's cool.  She had George Wallace on her round table which was way fun!  We also picked about 100-150 pounds worth of fresh oranges from Ben's orange trees! I couldn't was SO fun! I loved the trip, but I was really sick the whole time. I did manage to get like one picture at Spaghetti Factory, but I couldn't have my camera at Chelsea, and I forgot it at Disneyland. 
Sigh... ANYWAY... 
 A couple of weeks ago we went to Salt Lake for Ben's friend Kennessa's sealing to her husband Josh. We were able to get a free room at the Kimball since we attended a time share seminar, so we stayed there. We love the Kimball, I'm stoked cuz my parents bought into their time share, so we can stay there without having to bother my grandma now! We drove up to Cedar for a job interview I had (Nothing panned out) and then on our way to SLC. We brought my parents up for the fun of it since we got a two bedroom condo.  We got there and went to the Blue Iguana for dinner...SO intense! It was really busy, but worth the wait! The food was AWESOME. I ordered the Burrito Grande--if you finish it you get free dessert....this is my attempt.   
I really didn't want to finish it, but it looked so tasty when another girl was eating it. I enjoyed it a LOT but there was SO much left over! Ben even helped me on part of it! 

We went back to the room and played Five Crowns, one of my favorite games, then watched part of House Bunny until we got too sleepy.  The next morning we checked out and went to Gateway.  We shopped for a minute then left my parents there while we went to the sealing.  For the record, I applaud anyone who has been sealed in that's intense!!! The waiting room was so big and there were SO many people there.  WOW. The sealing was special and we were really happy for Kennessa and Josh! 

We went and picked up my parents and headed back down south.  At the last minute we remembered the Draper Temple open house and made a speedy exit! It was SO cool. 

I LOVE the Temple.  Even before it is functioning the spirit is so strong there!  Even the protesters outside just add to the strengthening of my testimony that the church is true.  I love being a part of such an amazing church.  The Lord is truly accomplishing his work on the earth! 

The annoying part was all the HUMONGOUS homes surrounding the temple. UCK. How can anyone want to live in something that big!?! STUPID. 

We drove home VERY slowly...we stopped like 3 times. We decided that since it was only a few more exits down the freeway, we'd stop at Kennessa and Josh's open house.
 It was fun for Ben to see some of his BYU Hawaii friends, and I loved meeting them!  We stopped in Scipio because my mom told me about their great bathroom dryers...check THIS out...
ANYWAY it was a fun trip! We've been so spontaneous with my parents...last December we went to NY very last minute, then last month our super cheap Vegas night, and now Salt Lake! I love it.

Next up is my thank you for those of you who were SO nice to us after reading my last post.  Akayleia Frehner called me the next day to let me know she had called some of her friends in Cedar to find out about jobs...and gave me a lot of helpful info! THANK YOU!!! It meant so much to me.  And Danielle saw me bawling at Cafe Rio and gave me a Tres favorite dessert from there.  I love her, she was my first friend I ever made in St. George! We are hanging in there and keeping the faith.  Hopefully everything will fall into place soon!

SO my sisters had spring break this week so we took advantage of the really cheap price in Primm and stayed down there for a night.  We rode the roller coaster and some other silly rides, then ate a good buffet dinner.  It was way too boring to stay another night so we went to Vegas and stayed there for two nights. I got to see Lauren for a bit on Wednesday which was way fun! We went swimming at the time share and had dinner at Claim Jumper.  I really enjoyed shopping over at Town Square, a newer shopping area off the strip.  We had a really great time, but are glad to be home where things don't smell like smoke! 

On a great fun note, my cousin  Tanner just opened his mission call last night and he got called to the Chile Santiago North Mission! YAY Tanner! We're so proud of you and excited for your upcoming journey! :)

Since Cassidee was in town for the big opening of the mission call, we got to hang out with her! We were really craving the outdoors, so we went on a hike at Snow Canyon....I had NO idea it would be that big of a hike! It was 84 degrees Friday afternoon...YUCK. Did we skip Spring? It was basically a 7 mile hike from HE%^!!! Nah, it really wasn't TOO bad...just hot and I hated walking through the sandy parts. And instead of three ponds at the end, we found three puddles...actually we could only see one of the three puddles. are the pics.

Thought this cactus looked sweet...
Awesome puddle pond...
I put the picture of Ben and I instead of the group picture cuz I think I look HORRID in the picture...but it was way fun to go with Cass and Shaydon! :) We had a little picnic too after we made it to the end! 

Later that night we had Cassidee over with my friend Jeremy Anderson.  We played games with Ash and her boyfriend Jeremy. I LOVE to play games. Five Crowns and Quiddler are my favorites as of now.
We then got ready for our TWILIGHT party! It wasn't anything big, just a nice poster of Edward and some cherry Jello for "blood" ha ha.  Check out how much Lady LOVES Edward...!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rants and Raves

Ok so I need a little bit of an outlet...Andrea asked me if I was still alive- and the answer is---BARELY! Ben and I are on our last stress strand, and trying SO hard to keep the faith. We have been doing so well at paying our tithing-never ever missed a month, we started going to the temple again, and we read our scriptures and pray every day. ANYWAY--that's not to brag but to say we are much like the people in the scriptures, in the Book of Mormon...when things get hard they humble themselves. Well...we are definitely humbled. I don't want a pity party from this post, maybe just some extra prayers or to know someone is thinking about us- and maybe it'll help those of you who are NOT struggling to be grateful for what you DO have! We know that although we are having a rough time, things still could be worse. ANYWAY...

We changed our minds on that townhouse we wanted to move into. About 48 hours after signing the lease we felt crappy about it and wanted to back out. Unfortunately we had already paid a deposit. UGHHH...650 deposit to be exact! We called them and were perfectly honest about it- some money we thought we'd have didn't come through and we didn't want to have to be in a sticky situation LATER and not be able to pay rent. They said they'd call back- and they didn't. Not for over a week. They were on "vacation" I guess. So then today I check our bank account- they cashed the check. WHAT?!!?!?! What happened to "we'll call you back to discuss what to do???!?!?!?!" OH MY GOSH! So we're freaking out. I went to donate plasma (because that's what I have to do just so we can have money for food and gas and stuff...(it's actually a great source of money and a great way to help people out, but I digress...) and my heart rate was almost too high to donate. So I calmed myself down enough and afterwards Ben called them. They said they didn't call us back because of their vacation and that until they find someone ELSE to rent the place they are going to deduct 20 dollars or so a day from our deposit until they find a replacement. BUT technically our lease hasn't even begun yet because MARCH was FREE.... so they are dragging their feet in faxing the lease to us (yeah we don't even have a copy because they forgot to bring one when they met us to sign the lease). They tried to say they'd fax it Monday because they are-get this- GOING OUT OF TOWN AGAIN!!!!!!! Ben said absolutely not- fax it today. So she said she would but I'm not holding out. How can people be so SO inconsiderate! When someone tellls you- hey we made a mistake signing that lease, we aren't going to be able to pull through on the rent and figured it'd be easier for you guys to find better renters than to deal with that--how do you have the heart to cash a check from them!?!?!?! I know it was our mistake- we signed a lease. We made a BAD choice. But is there any compassion left in the world? I could NEVER do that to a young couple who was struggling. I could never pull up in my big nice motor home on my way to a big vacation and cash someone's check who is apparently having a hard time making ends meet! It just frustrates me beyond belief.

Everyone who reads this blog knows how often I cry imagine the water works when this stuff happens. And that's not the only thing. Our bank account in California overdrew because my insurance payment came out before I had time to cancel it. The bank wouldn't help us out at ALL. There goes $75 bucks...and then there's the traffic ticket that apparently was never paid even though Ben mailed a check last year with the ticket. Another $190 dollars. Then there's our OTHER apartment in Cali we had to get out of and still owe $145 dollars on! Those are just the things at the top of my memory. There have been SO many expenses come out of the blue. I know I'm sounding very whiney...but I'm mostly just SO overwhelmed and I feel like this stress will never EVER end. My heart is so tired from all the frustration and's getting hard to want to do ANYTHING anymore. And I don't understand how a country that is supposedly SO RICH...has people in it that are so POOR. We aren't even the worst case scenario. How come there isn't any relief yet? Why are good people paying for bad greedy people's mistakes???? I know that at the end of the day it's just money...and if all else fails and we don't pay our bills- what's the worst that can happen? We're just like the millions of others out there with bad credit--ok I can handle that.

I AM grateful for what I DO have. And I know things will get better. But please- if you have at least ONE person in your marriage or family employed- be grateful. If you aren't suffering from debt- be 10 X more grateful! If you live on your own and not with parents or your grown children, be thankful. Or even if you HAVE somewhere to live- be grateful- I don't know where we'd be without parents to let us live with them. This just popped into my head... "When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed, when you are discouraged thinking all is lost, count your many blessings name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done..."I suppose that grasping to the gospel and the faith we have will help us get through this- but for now it's just NOT EASY!

Thanks for reading- sorry if I depressed anyone. Just had to get it OUT!!!! :-)