Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This has been a fantastic Fall season! It has been busy with the opening of the opera, the opening of the cafe, Parker turning one and so much more! I have a lot of blogging to do! Here are some highlights of our Autumn adventures!

 Connor and Ellie Felice having a play date while the opera rehearsal was going on.  Parker and Anna Necia were also making nice :)

My sweet adorable PERFECT boys at the Johnson farm. I can't believe we've never been but it was so fun! I wish we'd have gotten there earlier and eaten dinner and done all the activities!
 Connor and Parker loved seeing and feeding these fun fat animals! 
 Such a sweet content boy that just takes it all in with no complaints whatsoever!
 Connor having a heart attack waiting to ride a horse!
 I was really nervous this whole ride because he didn't have anyone walking right beside him holding him on. But he rode it like a pro! He's such a little boy and loved it!!!

 How cute is this little poser? He was pretty stoked to ride on the "train" and I think had some second thoughts after it "wait what are we doing????" But he stayed in there and enjoyed the ride!
 Beautiful sunset and pumpkin picking!

Riding on the hay ride! 

 Pumpkin carving time! Connor had so much fun pulling the guts out!

We had a fun few days before I left for Texas and crammed lots of October fun in! More photos and posting to come!

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